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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Also known as: Lambs Tail, Woundwort, Byzantine Betony

Lambs Ears Stachys byzantium  Lambs Ears - Stachys byzantium - Perennial;  Soft, wooly silver green leaves cover the ground and spikes of purple blooms arise in the summer.  Long blooming.  In earlier times, the leaves of this plant were used as bandages for wounds - touch them and you will understand why.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); Full sun or partial shade.  Height: 6in. (spikes: 18in)
#3182  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 100 seeds

Kakko-Tyorogi Bugle Bipshopwort stachys
Stachys officinalis Betony Bishopwort plant seeds
Betony (Bipshopwort, Kakko-Tyorogi, Bugle) Stachys officinalis -  An herb used for centuries, Betony was used to treat a number of ailments, including nervous disorders, poor memory and tension, alone and in combination with comfrey, and lime flowers.  The whole plant is used - roots, leaves and blooms - to create teas and the leaves are dried and inhaled as a kind of snuff to treat headaches.  It makes a lovely bedding or border plant with light green leaves and lavender blooms.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); Full sun or partial shade.  Height: 12in.
#4089  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 100 seeds


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