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Web site SHOPPING CART:  Just click on the 'ADD TO CART' Buttons for most products, a new browser screen will pop up for you to manage your shopping cart entries, and your payment checkout - your order is placed.  Begin at PRODUCTS and SERVICES menu - most items have the buttons.  Trouble-see: Shopping Cart Help.

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   Go to PRODUCTS and SERVICES Catalog .  Jot down Catalog numbers, Unit prices, and fill in Quantities and other information on your  printed order form.  (See: Shipping & Handling Chart for amount to include or alternately send an email with all of the order form information for a quote.)   Mail the completed form with check or money order to the address shown on the form.

For others who may not have access to this web site, please pass along our request to be as specific as possible with product queries by mail, and do not send money until prices are known.

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Use your major credit card, direct checking account debit, or PayPal account with our shopping cart. Send through the mail: checks and moneyorders denominated in US Dollars, US postage stamps, or cash. hopes that your shopping experience is enjoyable.  We are proud of the quality service and products that we offer.  And we hope that you will tell your friends about us too.  ENJOY!
Thank you.

We ship seeds and live plants to all 50 states of USA.  We ship seeds to the countries listed:  Countries Ordering from richfarmgarden

   When we put the Rich Farm Garden Supply catalog on the world-wide-web, we were one of the early pioneers of internet marketing of agriculture products and live plants.  Over those early years we experienced many surprises, including  selling more in an hour than we would have sold all year, simply because an article had been published in a medical journal 800 miles away.  We've experienced having our phone lines jammed with people who were asking how to send an email or were still learning that there is more information to be found on the screen when you scroll down.  Growing and planting seasons varied as our geographic market expanded, and we had customers with uses for some of these products that we never would have dreamed.  We have university research departments AND hermits for customers, - home gardeners and farmers - with every kind of market.  We've seen shortages of items in other areas that sent new customers scrambling to buy from us when we expected that we would just barely  be a supplement to their supply.  We've made a few changes since then to our policies, and quite a few to our systems, and we have added a few services; but we have tried to keep the website simple and make as few changes to it as possible except of course to update the catalog.  Our users know where to find value.
   We achieve very high standards in our quality of products and services and offer excellent value by using methods that others do not.   Before placing your first order, read these terms and the following pages:  (There is little repetition across these pages that is only along themes such as seasonal changes in service and weather, and agricultural product ordering issues). 
Frequently Asked Questions, 
Returns and Refunds,
Plant Shipping Notes,
Website and Trademark Terms Of Use
   We are proud to say  that Rich Farm Garden Supply from Winchester, Indiana, USA is successfully satisfying customers that are near to us, and customers that have contacted us from all over the world. 
   Rich Farm Garden does not build S&H costs into the catalog price of our products.   This amount will be added automatically in the shopping cart checkout.  For any order that you would like us to ship directly to you, please allow (see: S&H Fee Chart) for this charge. 
   Add tax only if your order will be shipped to an Indiana address. Indiana Farmers and resellers may print a copy of the Sales Tax exemption Certificate from:   then send the filled in form with their mail order; or scan it's image in jpeg format and attach to an email requesting a refund of the sales tax that was automatically added to the shopping cart purchase.  Send the email with form attached to with Subject heading: 'ST-exemption' and referencing the PayPal transaction number in the body, on the same day that your order is placed.  We will issue a PayPal refund of the tax amount when your order is processed.  Any forms not emailed the same day as the order was placed, will not be accepted. 
   You are responsible for discovering and complying with any government restrictions and assume all expenses.  You are responsible for any taxes and duties with the exception of Indiana state sales tax  We may not ship some products to specific destinations or may change shipping schedules to certain destinations based on our experience or knowledge of problems with these.  By shipping to your requested destination, we do not imply any expertise in issues of the destination or areas through which shipment will travel of rules, regulations, laws, inspections, tariffs, etc. 
   Check the square on your order form to request no substitutions, or send an email upon checkout to tell us that you wish no substitutions; however we can often provide very similar varieties or the next size plant without delaying your order or backordering items.  If the next size smaller plant is substituted your account balance will be adjusted.  Larger sizes will not be charged without your prior approval, we will send an email.  In the event of crop failure, product damage, or other supply problem, richfarmgarden reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to substitute similar product, hold order until next available ship date, or refund money.
   All payments for agricultural products made to richfarmgarden are taken as a contract to produce, or for booking of product from planned inventories and production that is to be shipped at the Earliest Available Ship Date as is the standard in this industry.  All queries regarding shipping schedules should be directed to and you should understand that this will be our best estimate and is subject to change without notice.  If you would like to receive your product after a particular date, please send an email, referencing your transaction #, and your schedule request.  We will do our best to meet your schedule, however orders can not be contingent on any particular shipping schedule.  Rich's knowledge of planting seasons and new seed lot supplies may be used to make shipment scheduling judgments such as holding orders for new lots that will be available.  Customers with special schedule needs should send email to allow shipment of untested, marked Substandard or last year's stock, etc. 
   Rich Farm Garden will either replace or refund for any misshipped product.  We may need the product returned to us, so email for instructions.  Please contact us before returning any item.  We do not accept returns on seeds or plants that are properly shipped. Equipment parts that were properly shipped must have our authorization for returns.  A 15% restocking charge will apply.  We do not take returns on electrical or electronic parts unless we have shipped a part number other than ordered.
   If you receive a package that is noticeably damaged, make a note of it on the carrier's receipt when receiving the package.  If, upon opening the package, there is internal damage, contact us and the shipper immediately.  You should provide the following information in this email:  (1) Order Number  (2) Carrier's name and bill number  (3) Date and Time shipment was received   (4) Extent of the damage.  Pictures help, but do not send these in first email.  Just email that you have these.  If shipper takes responsibility for costs of shipping damage, Rich Farm Garden will, at it's sole discretion, either replace the damaged product at the next available ship date, substitute a similar product, or refund your payment for damaged product.
   Our vegetable seeds are tested to meet prorogation standards, our live plants are shipped in alive and good condition.  Planting conditions are beyond our control. There is no warranty on agricultural products, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and all such warranties are specifically disclaimed.  We will not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages as a result of the use of these products.   The maximum extent of our liability under, or arising from, this transaction is limited to the amount of payments completed for items yet unshipped.   
   Shipments will arrive with a Packing List / Receipt which will list each item that is in the shipment  as well as shipping and handling charges and total charges.  Be sure that all items that were in the box and attached to outside of the box were found before disposing of any packing material. 
   All transactions arising from use of this web site will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana without reference to conflict of law provisions. 
   We will safeguard your privacy and not sell or otherwise share any personally identifying information such as names, addresses or email address.  These will be used only for our communications and direct transactions.
   Rich Farm Garden and you agree to keep all communications secure, and not to publish any letters, emails, special price offers, order forms, etc. not intended by both parties to be published.
   Important email notices and voice mail messages should not be considered received until there is a response to the specific email message.  Email messages should be in plain text with no attachments, graphics, or advertising.  Never send the same email message more than once, or to more than one richfarmgarden address.  If you are not sure whether a message has gone through, state in the second message that you are repeating.  Our system may automatically block your communications without notice if it detects repeating messages or multiple messages in a short time.  You will need to use the post, if you suspect that this has happened.
   There is a service fee of $40.00 for payments made to Rich Farm Garden that are bounced, returned, or unfunded for any reason; such an event can also be cause for delay of shipping time on other future orders. 
   RichFarmGarden may refuse any order or cancel any order.  Commitments made by RichFarmGarden related to any transaction arising from use of this website are revoked and void if the buyer has not understood or agreed to these terms.
   Having read these terms, understanding the risks and schedule issues of mailorder agricultural products, and seeing what we have pointed out that we do differently, you can see how we can provide exceptional value.  Our goal is to provide quality product at a good price.  We hope that you will join the people from around the world who have been receiving these benefits for years in their trade with richfarmgarden. 
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