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Amur Maple - Acer ginnala - Very sturdy tree, prized for its vivid scarlet fall foliage.  Frequently used in Japanese gardens, it has an open, rounded, multi-stemmed growth habit.   Hardy to -30F (-39.9C); height: 20ft.
#867   Packet  $ 9.95  Approximately 30 seeds
#P1867  3ft. tree  $24.95

Armstrong Maple tree Acer rubrum  Armstrong Maple - Acer rubrum 'Armstrong' - Fast growing columnar maple with light green foliage that turns yellow to orange in fall.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 50 ft.
#P4298  2-3ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-4298  2-3ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-4298  2-3ft. 10 trees $75.00

Autumn Blaze Maple tree acer freemanii  Autumn Blaze Maple - Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze' - Rapidly growing cross between a silver and red maple.  Orange-red fall color.  Hardy to -40F (-40C); height: 50ft.
#P4300  2-3ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-4300  2-3ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-4300  2-3ft. 10 trees $75.00

Big Leaf Maple tree Acer macrophyllum  Big Leaf Maple - Acer macrophyllum - Native west coast USA.  Large shade or specimen tree with rounded growth habit and big deeply lobed leaves.  Excellent for cool areas.  Orange or yellow fall color.  Hardy to -40F(-40C);   height: 95ft.
#1577  Packet, $9.95 each,  Approximately 30 seeds

Big Toothed Maple tree Acer granadidentatum  Big Toothed Maple - Acer granadidentatum - Sought after specimen native to western North America.  When small, it has a shrubby appearance, but matures with a large rounded head and rosy-pink seeds.  Brilliant fall coloring.  Good landscape specimen.   Hardy to -40F (-39-9C); height: 40ft.
#1059  Packet, $13.50 each,  Approximately 30 seeds

Brandywine Maple tree Acer rubrum  Brandywine Maple - Acer rubrum 'Brandywine' - Cultivar is a cross between October Glory and Autumn Flame and has a brilliant red-purple fall coloring.  Does best in acidic soils.  Hardy to -30F (34.4C); height: 40ft.
#P4297  2-3ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-4297  2-3ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-4297  2-3ft. 10 trees $75.00

Drummond Red Maple tree Acer rubrum drummondii  Drummond Red Maple - Acer rubrum drummondii - Native to the southeastern US, this species has bright yellow fall coloring.  Columnar habit.  Hardy to -10F (-23.3C);  height: 40ft.
#P4299  2-3ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-4299  2-3ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-4299  2-3ft. 10 trees $75.00

Embers Maple - Acer ginnala 'Embers' - Lovely cultivar with a narrow growth habit and rounded crown.  Spring blooms are yellow-green, progressing to red fruits.  Bright red autumn foliage.  Can be grown as a multi-stemmed tree or sheared as a hedge or shrub.  Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 50ft.
#P2792    2ft. tree   $25.00

Flame Maple - Acer ginnala 'Flame' - Versatile variety that can be grown as a multi-stemmed tree or large shrub.  Summer foliage is dark green, followed by bright red autumn coloring.
#2672   Packet, $28.00 each,  Approx. 30 seeds
#P2672    2ft. tree   $25.00

Japanese Laceleaf Maple  - Acer palmatum dissectum - Lovely weeping tree with green or purple lacy leaves.  Nice specimen plant.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C);  height: 15ft.
#1097  Red Leafed  Packet, $48.00 each,  Approx. 30 seeds
#1098  Green Leafed  Packet, $48.00 each,  Approx. 30 seeds

Manitoba Maple tree Box Elder Acer negundo  Manitoba Maple (Box Elder) - Acer negundo - Perfect maple for extreme heat or drought.  Grows fast and makes a lovely shade tree.  Hardy to -50F (-45C);  height: 70ft.
#1581   Packet  $ 9.95   Approximately 30 seeds
#P1581  2ft. tree  $29.99

October Glory Maple - Acer rubrum 'October Glory' - October Glory a rounded crown with red fall foliage. Dependable fall color, Vigorous growth, Good Street or Landscape Tree.  Hardy to -30F (34.4C); height: 40ft.
#P4967  2-3ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-4967  2-3ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-4967  2-3ft. 10 trees $75.00

Red Japanese Maple tree acer palmatum  Red Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum atropurpureum - This variety maintains its red leaf color throughout the season.  Must have full sun for good color.  Good specimen or accent tree.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C);  height: 12ft. (12ft. spread)
#1584   Packet  $ 38.00   Approximately 30 seeds
#P1584  2-3ft. tree  $29.99

Red Maple (Scarlet Maple, Swamp Maple) Acer rubrum - Sturdy shade tree having red foliage in the spring, green in summer and red again in the fall.  Conical growth habit.  Hardy to -40F (-45.5C);  height: 60ft.
#700   Packet  $16.25  Approximately 30 seeds
#B1-700    Seeds 1 lb.      $112.00
#P700  4 ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-700  4 ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-700  4 ft. 10 trees $75.00

Rocky Mountain Maple - Acer glabrum - Shrub or small tree, usually found with multiple trunks.  Dark red twigs with red seeds and deep yellow fall coloring.  Prefers partial shade or an area under other taller trees.  Drought resistant.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 25ft.
#1572  Packet, $24.95 each,  Approximately 30 seeds

Shantung Purpleblow Maple tree Acer truncatum  Shantung Maple (Purpleblow Maple) - Acer truncatum - Small rounded maple with dense habit.  Fall color is yellow and new leaves are red.  Drought and wind tolerant.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 25ft.
#1596   Packet  $19.00,  Approximately 30 seeds
#P1596  2-3ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-1596  2-3ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-1596  2-3ft. 10 trees $75.00

Silver Maple tree Acer saccharinum  Silver Maple - Acer saccharinum - The fastest growing of the maples, this species forms a wide spreading tree with deeply lobed green leaves with a grey-green underside.  Bright yellow fall color.  Hardy to -40F (-40C); height: 45ft.
#1591   Packet  $ 9.95   Approximately 30 seeds
#P1591-12H  1-2ft. seedling  $18.00
#P1591-36H  3-4ft. tree $25.00
#P10-1591  3-4ft. 10 trees $94.99

Snakebark Maple -Acer pennsylvanicum - Striking shade loving tree that begins shrubby, but matures with a large rounded head.  Northeast US native.  The green and white striped bark turns red in winter and the fall foliage is a brilliant golden yellow.  Hardy to -20F (-28.9C); height: 40ft.
#1061   Packet  $18.00   Approximately 30 seeds
#P1061  3 ft. tree  $24.95

Sugar Maple (Rock Maple, Hard Maple) Acer saccharum - Tall long lived tree with grey bark and an upright dense growth.  Grows slowly. The variety commonly tapped in the spring to produce maple syrupFall foliage is yellow and scarlet. Hardy to -40F (-34.4C);  height: 15ft.
#868   Packet  $ 9.95  Approximately 30 seeds
#P868  4 ft. tree  $24.95

Tartarian Maple tree Acer tartarica  Tartarian Maple - Acer tartarica - Shrub or small tree, usually multi-trunked, perfect for street plantings.  Fall color varies from red to yellow.  Tolerant of drought conditions and alkaline soils.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 30ft.
#1593   Packet  $9.95  Approximately 30 seeds
#P1593  2 ft. tree  $24.95

Trident Maple tree Acer buergerianum  Trident Maple - Acer buergerianum - Bronze to purple new growth maturing to glossy green.   Orange-red fall color.  Does best in acidic soils.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C);  height: 30ft.

#1560   Packet  $19.00   Approximately 30 seeds
#P1560  2-3ft. tree  $24.95
#P5-1560  2-3ft. 5 trees $50.95
#P10-1560  2-3ft. 10 trees $75.00


The most often used trees for producing maple syrup are red (Acer rubrum syn borealis), Silver maple (Acer saccharinum), and of course, Sugar maple (Acer saccharum), but any maple variety can be used. You can also tap hickory, walnut, sycamore or birch. All species produce syrups that vary widely in taste and sugar content, depending on the weather and the condition of the tree.
It's a good idea to choose and tag the trees you want to tap in the summer or fall, when they can be clearly identified. We usually tie a ribbon or piece of cloth or rope around the tree (yeah, it sounds like a bad 70's song...). You should choose trees with trunks that are at least 1 1/2 feet in diameter and are situated in full sun. Any trees that are weak or damaged should be avoided. Trees should be tapped in the late winter (about February or March in Indiana) during a warm spell that was proceeded by a hard freeze. Best flow is when the temperatures freeze at night, but warm up the next day to the 40s with bright sunshine. Flow will stop when the daytime temperature is freezing or below and begin again when it rises. Timing is critical. If tapped too early, the holes may seal up and you get ... nothing. In this case, the holes can be re-drilled.
You will need spiles (taps), buckets to catch the sap, a brace & bit (or drill) for drilling a hole for the spile, a 5 gallon bucket to collect the sap, and an evaporator. You can either buy spiles or make them from sections of 3/8" tubing (try not to use copper tubing, however, as this is toxic to the tree). Cut the tubing into 3 inch lengths and flare one end, so that you can hang the bucket on it, or make it long enough to feed into a bucket placed on the ground. The buckets should be made of stainless steel, if possible, but plastic can be used.
Pick a spot on the sunny side of the tree and use a 3/8" bit to drill a hole about 2 inches deep in the trunk about 3 feet from the ground. Slant the hole upward into the tree to allow the sap to run out. 3 gallon buckets are good size for hanging from the spiles, smaller ones will have to be checked several times a day during heavy flow days. Clean any shavings out of the hole, then insert the spile and tap it into the tree with a hammer. Hang a bucket on the spile, or (if it is a long one) put the bucket on the ground under it. Cover the bucket with a lid to keep rainwater and contaminants out.

 You can collect the sap from the tree buckets in a large container or in clean plastic milk or water jugs for boiling later, or use it immediately.

  SEE: Making Maple syrup


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