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ECHINACEA     Plants, Seeds and Dried Herb

(Plant heights are given at maturity)
Alternative Names:  Black Sampson, Coneflower, Rudbeckia

Echinaceas are hardy herbaceous plants, members of the Daisy family, Compositae (Asterasceae).  They bear large blooms with prominent cone like centers in summer and fall.  Echinaceas thrive in common garden soil and need little attention making them the perfect candidate for cottage gardens and landscapes.  They are drought tolerant and make a great show in the heat of summer.

Echinacea has long been used as a medicinal plant.  Leaves have been used to stimulate the immune system and to treat sores and burns, colds, bronchitis, toothache,and snakebite.  The plant contains analgesic and slightly antibiotic porperties.  It should be noted, however, that medicinal values can vary widely from plant to plant.

Propagation is performed by digging and  lifting existing plants in the spring or fall once blooming has completed, and separating them, or by sowing seed.  For most species, sow seed in pots or trays covering lightly.  Keep moist at 68-75F.  Transplant seedlings when they reach 2" tall.  Plant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed.  Space 18-24" apart each way.

baby pink echinacea rich farm garden  Baby Swan PinkEchinacea purpurea - Perennial.  A compact plant with deep pink blooms on well branched stems.  Perfect for containers or front borders.  Hardy to-30F (-34.4C)  Height: 18in.
#12526  Seed Packet   Approximately 50 seeds  $3.50
#BM-12526  Seed Packet   1000 seeds   $30.00

Baby Swan WhiteEchinacea purpurea - Perennial.  A compact plant with snowy white single blooms on well branched stems.  Perfect for containers or front borders.  Hardy to-30F (-34.4C)  Height: 18in.
#12527  Seed Packet   Approximately 50 seeds  $3.50
#BM-12527  Seed Packet   1000 seeds   $30.00

cheyenne spirit echinacea seed plant rich
          farm garden  Cheyenne SpiritEchinacea purpurea hybrida - Perennial.  Blazing color mix from seed. Uniform plants with high quality blooms ranging in shades of white, cream, orange, purple, red, scarlet and yellow. Phenomenal landscape or container display. Drought tolerant. Hardy to-30F (-34.4C)  Height: 32in.
#9749  Seed Packet   Approximately 50 seeds  $25.00
#BC-9749  Bulk Seed    100 seeds   $46.00
#BM-9749  Seed Packet   1000 seeds   $350.00

echinacea purpurea double decker
        plant seed purple coneflower  Double Decker - Echinacea purpurea - Perennial.  An unusual variety resembling a standard rose pink coneflower wearing a hat.  The cone is crowned with a secondary smaller set of petals.  Height: 40in.
#BM-2877   Seed Packet   1000 seeds  $80.00
#2877   Seed Packet   Approximately 20 seeds  $3.50
#P2877   Plant   3in. pot  $16.95

echinacea green twister seed plant  Green TwisterEchinacea purpurea - Perennial.  Gorgeous plant with large blooms that begin as pure lime green with a narrow ring of carmine and a golden brown cone. As the blooms age, the cones turn dark mahogany and the carmine ring becomes paler pink and wider with only a narrow green band remaining. Some plants will have deep burgundy stems as well. Blooms first year from seed. Real show stopper.nbsp; Hardy to-30F (-34.4C)  Height: 32in. first year, 40" later years
#12525  Seed Packet   Approximately 50 seeds  $7.50
#BC-12525  Bulk Seed    100 seeds   $14.50
#BM-12525  Bulk Seed   1000 seeds   $120.00

echinacea purpurea little
        giant purple coneflower dwarf Little Giant - Echinacea  purpurea - Perennial.  Large recurved blooms are a deep red-pink and are arranged in a double row around a central bronze colored cone.  A great dwarf variety.  Height: 24in.
#3441   Seed pack,    Approximately  25 seeds     $3.50

 mellow yellows echinace seed rich farm garden   Mellow Yellows - Echinacea purpurea - Striking range of colors - shades of white, yellows and oranges all with dark cones. Excellent cutflower or bedding plant. Drought reisistant. Full sun; height: 36inches
#12528   Seed pack,    Approximately 50 seeds     $7.50
#BC-12528   Seed pack,    100 seeds     $14.50
#BM-12528   Seed pack,    1000 seeds     $125.00

magnus echinacea purpurea purple
      coneflower seed  Magnus - Echinacea purpurea - Super large blooms on sturdy drought reisistant plants.  Brown center cone.  Full sun; height: 36inches
#4640   Seed pack,    Approximately 50 seeds     $3.50

purple coneflower echinacea
        purpurea seed herb   Purple coneflower - Echinacea purpurea - Drought tolerant plants with large daisy like purple blooms that throw their petals back from the center cone.  Very pretty in mass plantings.  Prefers well drained rich soil, but is extremely tolerant of soil types.  Sow in spring or fall.  Height: 36in.
#2507   Packet  $5.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#B4z-2507     Bulk seed, 4oz          $50.89
#B1-2507     Bulk seed, 1 lb.          $70.59
#P2507    Plant, 4inch pot       $16.95
#B1lb-2507CS    Dried herb cut and sifted    1lb   $26.99
#B1lb-2507GF    Dried flower powder   1lb   $26.99
#B1lb-2507GR    Dried root powder   1lb   $37.99

Sunset - Echincea 'Sunset' -  Perennial.  Something completely different in coneflowers!   Bright orange petals surround a brown central cone.  Petals overlap and bend slightly backward.  Wonderful fragrance reminds one of a rose.  Excellent choice for the perennial bed. Vigorous and productive.  Height: 30in.
#P3603     Plant   - 3in.  pot   $16.95

Tennessee Coneflower
        Echinacea tennesseensis   Tennessee Coneflower - Echinacea tennesseensis - Perennial - Medicinal- This variety was declared an endangered species in 1979 and survives in only 5 wild populations in central Tennessee. The soft furry leaves are accompanied by slightly upturned petals, differing it from the common Echinacea. Roots have been used to treat upset stomach and treat infections, and more recently to lower blood cholesterol. Full sun; plant height: 24-36in.
#165 Packet $3.50 Approximately 50 seeds
#P165  Plant   3in. pot   $16.95

echinacea purpurea whie
        swan seed   White SwanEchinacea purpurea - Perennial - White petals with an orange/brown centers.  Full sun; plant height: 36in.
#364  Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds

echinace paradoxa yellow
        coneflower   Yellow - Echinacea paradoxa - Perennial - Yellow 3-inch blooms with a mahogany center.  Native of Missouri and Arkansas.  Full sun;  plant height: 30 in.
#819  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 50 seeds

echinacea angustifolia narrow
        leaf coneflower seed herb  Narrow Leaf Coneflower - Echinacea angustifolia - Narrow drooping petals are pale purple.  Tough plant that can withstand heavy drought conditions.  Full sun; height: 30 inch
#1876  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-1876    Bulk seed, 1oz       $30.00
#B1lb-1876CS    Dried herb cut and sifted     1lb     $26.99
#B1lb-1876CSR     Dried root cut and sifted   1lb    $51.99
#B1lb-1876G    Root powder   1lb      $51.99


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