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(Plant heights are given at maturity)
Selected grains and legumes are used as 'green manure'.  They are planted in the fall and plowed under in the spring to give the soild a natural boost of nitrogen and compost.  They can also be used as nutritious forage for animals.   Also listed here are grasses used primarily as forage crops for animals.

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Alfalfa -  Alfalfa is a relatively cold tolerant legume with good nitrogen-fixing capabilities and medium shade tolerance.  Widely used as a green manure and a forage crop.  Seeding rate: 10lb per acre
#1139 seed packet     $3.50
#B-1139 Bulk seed 1 pound; $7.95
#B5-1139 Bulk seed 5 pounds; $35.95
#B10-1139     10 lb  $69.95
#B50-1139     50 lb 
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Annual Ryegrass - Fat growing grass that covers quickly.  Can be used for forage, lawns or winter cover.  Seeding rate: 40lb per acre
#1140    approximately 100 seeds  $3.50
#B-1140     1 lb  $7.50
#B10-1140     10 lb  $45.50
#B50-1140     50 lb 
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Creeping Red Fescue - Grass variety valued for its shade tolerance.  Good grazing and erosion control crop.  Seeding rate: 40lb  per acre
#1142    approximately 100 seeds  $3.50
#B-1142     1 lb  $5.95
#B10-1142     10 lb  $39.00
#B50-1142     50 lb 
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Mammoth Red Clover - trifolium pratense;  A short lived perennial adapted to a wide variety of soils.  Prefers moderate summer temperatures and rainfall.  Most often used as a hay crop and can be cut two or three times in a year, but can also be used as a green manure.  Fast growing with limited cold hardiness.  Seeding rate: 20lb per acre
#1136     packet  $3.50
#B1-1136     1lb  $7.95
#B10-1136     10 lb  $64.95

Oats -   Fast growing crop that can be grown any time of year for forage or green manure.   Seeding rate: 90lb per acre
#B1-2510     1lb  $6.89
#B10-2510     10 lb  $19.89

Orchardgrass -  A perennial cool-season grass with good shade tolerance.  Prefers a well drained soil, but is very adaptable. Used often as an underplanting in orchards, where the ground receives little sun, it can be plowed under to provide green manure.  Also used in hay mixes with legumes and clovers.  Seeding rate: 15lb per acre
#1144     seed packet  $3.50
#B1-1144     1 lb  $9.95
#B10-1144     10 lb  $79.00
#B50-1144     50 lb 
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Pasture Mix-  A blend for hay and forage.  65% Alfalfa, 22% Red Clover, 6.5% Orchardgrass and 6.5% Climax Timothy   Seeding rate: 50lb per acre
#B1-1145     1lb  $7.80
#B10-1145     10 lb  $69.80

Timothy - A perennial cool season grass unsuited to drought conditions. Most often used as a forage crop for hay, alone or mixed with legumes.   Seeding rate: 12lb per acre
#B1-2508     1lb  $2.95

Winter wheat - Good winter cover crop.  Plow under in the spring for green manure or allow it to grow to maturity and harvest the grain.   Seeding rate: 140lb per acre  see: Wheat for picture.
#B1-2509   Bulk seed  1 pound  $8.95
#B5-2509   Bulk seed 5 pounds  $15.95
#B50-2509 Bulk seed 50 pounds for pick up in store $49.95 Email for availability


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