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SEED SPECS:  Average 11000 seeds per pound

wheat trigo frumint fou mai ka shih tso Mien tarwe
Triticum aestivum
Fou Mai
Ka Shih Tso
Triticum aestivum Wheat seed
Easy to grow annual grass reaching a height of about 40 inches.  Blooming in summer, it produces seeds that are used as fodder for animals and food for humans.  The seeds are high in gluten and are dried and ground into flour or used to produce sprouts.  11% protein.  The young stems or grass is pressed to obtain the juice, which is mixed with other juices or foods.  Stems are also used to treat hangover and the entire plant is used to treat some cancers.  A widely used staple, it also makes an excellent green manure when planted as a cover crop and is very pretty as an ornamental.
#B1-2509   Bulk seed  1 pound  $8.95
#B5-2509   Bulk seed 5 pounds  $15.95
#B50-2509 Bulk seed 50 pounds for pick up in store $49.95 Email for availability


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