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Brassica oleracea  var varidis -  For planting instructions and seed specs, see Cultivation below

Champion (52-85 days)  Hybrid. Improved Vates. Dark green leaves, long standing. 12-18 inch plants. Good fresh market type
#9925   Packet   $5.50,  Approximately 200 seeds
#Bm-9925    Bulk seed   1000 seeds $9.50

Morris Heading
(52-85 days)  Low growing 18-24 inch plants with loose heads and smooth dark green leaves with lighter veins.  Slow to bolt.
#654   Packet   $3.50,  Approximately 200 seeds
#Bm-654    Bulk seed   1000 seeds $6.50
#B5m-654    Bulk seed     5000 seeds   $10.50

Southern collards  Georgia Southern (80 days)   Soft blue-green leaves2-12 inches high.  Good cool weather crop.
#653   Packet   $3.50,  Approximately 200 seeds
#B4z-653    Bulk seed   4oz  $8.50
#B1-653    Bulk seed     1lb   $11.50

Top Bunch
(60days)  Hybrid. Savoyed (crinkled) leaves are mid green, sturdy and erect. Good standing. Quick growth.
#9926   Packet   $7.50,  Approximatel+y 200 seeds
#Bm-9926    Bulk seed   1000 seeds $12.50

Vates Tall collards  Vates (75 days)  Tall (up to 30in.), large dark green leaves on vigorous plants.Very productive over a long period.
#2600   Packet   $3.50,  Approximately 200 seeds
#B4z-2600    Bulk seed   4oz  $8.00
#B1-2600    Bulk seed     1lb   $14.50

Collards are a member of the cabbage family, Brassicaceae (Syn.Crucferae) and is a brassica, related to kale, broccoli, and mustard.  The leaves are loose, dark green, tasty and very attractive, so much so that some varieties are grown as ornamentals.  The plant is biennial or perennial.  It is extremely cold tolerant and does best as an early spring or fall cop.  The flavor is made stronger by a few light frosts. The blooms are hermaphroditic (having both male and female parts) and are pollinated by insects. 

Collards are usually directly sowed into the garden, but transplants can be used as well.  For transplants, sow seed in pots or trays at a depth of 1/4 inch.  Keep moist at 65-75F until germination, then maintain temperature to 65F.  Transplant outdoors when all danger of heavy frost is past.  Prepare planting area by digging and working in a generous amount of compost, humus, composted manure or peat moss.  Space seedlings 6-18 inches apart in rows 24-36 inches apart.  Plants will withstand heavy frosts.  For direct sowing, prepare the planting area by digging and working in generous amounts of compst, comsposted manure or peat.  Sow 1 seeds every 3 inches in rows 18-24 inches apart.  Cultivate shallowly to keep weeds down.  To keep insect damage down, cover young plants with a row cover or treat with pepper spray.

Collards are high in Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  Very popular cooked, sometimes with bacon or fatback.  The leaves tend toward toughness and only very young leaves are suited for salads.

HARVEST:  Pick leaves as needed.

SEED SPECS:   Average 90,000 seeds per pound; Direct Seeding Rate:  220ft per 1,000 seeds, 24,000ft per pound


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