(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Corkscrew Willow Salix matsudana tortusa tree   Corkscrew Willow - Salix matsudana x tortusa -  This native of China has upwardly growing branches that twist and contort.  An interesting specimen tree.  Plant height: 30ft.   Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 30ft.
#P1070    2-3ft. whip   $24.95
#P3-1070    (2-3ft. whips)   Three trees for $33.99

Golden Curls Willow- Salix x. 'Golden Curls' - Medium sized tree makes a striking specimen with its Irregularly shaped crown and twisted spiraling branches which arch in a weeping manner.  Foliage is bright green, becoming yellow in autumn.  Bark turns yellow as well.  Hardy to -30F (-24.4C); height: 35ft.
#P2764    2-3ft. tree   $24.95
#P3-2764    (2-3ft. trees)   Three trees for $33.99

Green Weeping Willow - Salix babylonica - This old favorite has long narrow green leaves on slender branches that sweep to the ground.  Fast growing.  Plant height: 70ft.   Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 30ft.
#P1112    2-3ft. tree   $24.95
#P3-1112    (2-3ft. trees)   Three trees for $33.99

 salix alba white willow tree herb White Willow - Salix alba -  Deciduous cold hardy tree.  Prefers moist or damp soil and can grow in a variety of soil types.  The inner bark is used in making bread, though it is extremely bitter to taste.  Its true fame, though, comes from its use as an anti inflamatory and a source of salicylic acid.  The bark from young trees is chewed or a tea is made from it to relieve pain and fever. A tea made from young leaves is also said to relieve insomnia.  Willow wood is very soft and pliable and is prized for making baskets and paper.  Hardy to 50F (-45C); Height:75ft. 
#B1z-4235CS    Dried bark cut and sifted  1oz      $16.00
#B1lb-4235CS   Dried bark cut and sifted  1lb      $25.00
#B1z-4235G    Dried bark ground    1oz      $16.00
#B1lb-4235G   Dried bark ground  1lb      $25.00

Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki Willow tree shrub  hakuro nishiki dappled willow tree shrub Hakuro Nishiki Willow - Salix integra 'Hakuro Nashiki' -   Beautiful shrub willow with tri color leaves (pink, white and green).  Tolerates wet conditions very well.   Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 5ft.
#P4967    Tree   $35.99
#P4-4967       Four trees for $50.95


Pink Pussywillow - Salix discolor rubra - Similar to white pussywillow, except that the catkins are a solft silvery-pink. Hardy to-30F (-24.4C); height: 18ft.
#P2763    12-18 inch tree   $24.95
#P3-2763    (12-18 inch trees)   Three trees for $33.99

White Pussywillow - Salix discolor alba - Long 4in. leaves are green on the surface and blue green underneath with soft white cottony buds (catkins) appearing in spring..  Plant as an attractive border or hedge plant.  Hardy to -30F (-24.4C); height: 18ft.
#P2762    2-3ft. branched tree   $34.99
#P4-2762    (2-3ft. branched tree)   Four trees for $50.95


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