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SEED SPECS : Average 6000 seeds per ounce

de Milpa Tomatillo  de Milpa (90-100 days)  Traditional variety that yields fruits that ripen to purple.  Not as sticky as some other varieties.  Great for use in salsas, stewed, or in salads.
#610   Packet $3.50   Approximately 70 seeds
#Bz-610     Bulk seeds   1 oz.     $79.60
#B4z-610     Bulk seeds   4 oz.     $180.00
#P-610A   One Plant in 2-1/2inch pot; $4.50

Verde tomatillo  Verde (90-100 days)  Main ingredient in salsa verde.  Heavy yields all summer.
#611  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 70 seeds
#Bz-611  Bulk seed    1oz  $50.19
#B4z-611  Bulk seed  4oz  $99.99


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