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(Plant heights are given at maturity)
English Thyme German Winter Thymus vulgaris English Thyme plant seeds
English Thyme (German Thyme, Winter Thyme) -  Thymus vulgaris - Perennial - Culinary -  The most commonly used thyme.  Broad dark green leaves; vigorous plant.  Full sun; plant height: 12-15in.
#821  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds
#P821    Plant   3in pot  $10.00

Orange Thyme - Thymus fragrantissima - Perennial- Culinary -   A citrus flavor perfect with fish or vegetablesWalk-on plant   Hardy to -40F (-40C)
#5303  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 50 seeds
Mother of Thyme plant Thymus serpyllum Mother of Thyme Culinary Walk on plant seeds
Mother of Thyme - Thymus serpyllum - Perennial - Culinary - A creeping form with salmon-pink blooms covering a dense ground covering carpet.  Vigorous and spreads evenly. Hardy to -40F (-40C)
#3614  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds
#P3614    Plant   3in pot  $10.00

Red Creeping Thyme plant  Red Creeping Thyme - Thymus praecox 'Coccineus' - Perennial - Culinary - Spreading variety makes a pretty ground cover, forming a dense flat mat on the ground.  In summer, the plants are covered with bright magenta blooms, and in the autumn, the foliage turns a lovely bronze-red.  Hardy to -40F (-40C)
#3199  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds
#P3199    Plant   3in pot  $10.00

Cut leaf herbs such as oregano, basil, and thyme at their prime for drying, before they have gone to seed. Other herbs like chamomile should be harvested after blooming. One easy drying method is to tie small bunches with rubber bands or string (the rubber band will contract as the branches dehydrate; but may deteriorate in the sun) and hang them in a sunny spot with good air circulation. The rafters of a garage or barn can also be used if there is adequate ventilation. Screen drying is done by spreading the leaves or flowers on a wire screen and placed in the sun. Herbs can also be dried in the oven at a very low temperature or hung over a heat source. When the leaves are dry, strip them from the stems and store in a glass fruit jar or other sealable container to keep out moisture and their taste fresh.


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