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Tansy Tanacetum vulgare Perennial

Tansy (Buttons) - Tanacetum vulgare - Perennial - This vigorous growing herb has a long history of use.  The Greeks considered, that as it remains so well preserved when dried, that it was a perfect herb for preserving corpses. Greek myth says that Ganymede used it to become immortal and the Greek name for the herb itself is Anathaton which translates as immortal.  In the middle ages tansy was used as a strewing herb to repel insects.   At Easter in England, a tansy cake (called a tansy) made from young leaves was the reward of the victor of the annual handball tournament.  Tansy was also used as a vermifuge, to treat gout and epilepsy.  More recently, tansy was found to contain tannic acids that can be fatal in large doses and internal consumption has been discouraged.  It's ferny foliage and bright yellow button flowers make it a bright addition to a garden.  Full sun or partial shade; plant height: 24-36in.
#842  Packet $3.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#P842 Plant 3in. pot   $12.95


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