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 sorbaria sorbifolia false spirea seed plant tree shrub  False Spirea (Spiraea), Ural Falsespirea, False Goatbeard, Appleberry - Sorbaria sorbifolia

Very hardy native of Japan, member of the Rose family, Rosaceae.  Sorbaria sorbifolia has pinnate leaves, 8 to 12 inches in length resembling those of the Mountain Ash (Sorbus).  Leaves are dark green with new growth being dark red in color.  Fall color is nondescript, brown or tan.  The shrub blooms in summer (June/July) and bears long 10" pannicle of white blooms followed by small red berries. 

The shrbs thrive under a wide variety of conditions and prefers a sunny location, though it can tolerate some shade.  Heavy pruning is necessary to keep the shrubs shape and they sucker freely and spread in this manner.  They make attractive specmen, border, or open hedge shrubs.

The shrubs are easily propagated by means of suckers, sowing seed, or softwood or root cuttings.  Seed requires no pre-treatment and should be sown under glass (see Sowing Under Glass for more information).

Hardy to  -50F (-45C);  height: 10ft.  Spread: 10ft.

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