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Punica granatum Pomegranate tree leaves flower   Punica granatum Pomegranate tree fruit seed
Pomegranate tree
Common Pomegranate (An-shih-liuDadima) Punica granatum-  Shrubby bush with narrow willow-like leaves and vivid scarlet 2in. blooms, which mature into fruits the size of an orange, prized for their juicy seeds.  The fruit itself also gained symbolic and religious significance in several cultures.  The Chinese considered the pomegranate one of the three blessed fruits (the others were citron and the peach).  Its many seeds symbolized numerous male offspring running about the world earning fame, fortune and glory.  In ancient Greek mythology, it is involved in a story of the seasons, the tale of  Persephone and her abduction by Hades. The fruit was used in the annual cermonies reenacting Persephone's trials and assumed mystic properties.
On a more prosaic note, pomegranate juice is said to aid stomach problems and is used in the production of Grenadin syrup.  Hardy to 10F (-17.7C); height: 16 - 25 ft.
#2478  Packet  $15.50    Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-2478  Bulk seed  4 oz.  (Approximately 3600 seeds)   $59.50    
#P2478B   1 yr. seedling  $ 70.00
#P3-2478B   (1yr. seedlings)  Three trees for $99.99
#P12-2478B   (1yr. seedlings)  Twelve trees for $129.99

Nana (Punica granatum nana)  A dwarf version of the pomegranate that grows to 5ft.  Can be used as a potted plant in cooler climates or as Bonsai.  Hardy to 10F (-17.7C); height: 5ft.
#P1224   1 yr. seedling  $ 70.00
#P3-1224   (1yr. seedlings)  Three trees for $89.99
#P12-1224   (1yr. seedlings)  Twelve trees for $119.99


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