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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Balloon Flower, Tufted Harebell

platycodon fuji  Fuji (Platycodon grandiflorus) - Perennial;  Balloon shapped blooms open to star shaped flowers.  Great cut flower.
#3098    Blue
Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#3099    Pink
Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#3100    White
Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#959    Mix
Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds

Grandiflora Blue (Platycodon grandiflorus) - Perennial;  This interesting addition to a garden sports blooms that, right before opening, resemble balloons.  A common addition to the flower garden in the US, it is used in the Orient as a culinary and medicinal herb.  Young leaves are eaten in salads, the roots are made into a cough remedy.
#674  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 20 seeds

Hakone series platycodon grandiflorusHakone platycodon ballon shaped  Hakone Series (Platycodon grandiflorus)  Perennial - Balloon shaped buds open to long stemmed 2in. double blooms.  Full sun or partial shade; height: 20in.
#3997    Blue
Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#3998    White
Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds

Komachi platycodon  Komachi (120 days) - Perennial;  This variety retains its balloon shape throughout the blooming cycle.  Bright azure blue flowers.  Full sun; plant height: 18in.
#752  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 20 seeds

Grandiflora Mix (120 days) - Perennial;  Tall variety in blue, pink, and white.   Full sun;  plant height: 24in.
#754  Packet  $3.50     Approximately 20 seeds


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