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Hardy Garden Phlox - Laura

Laura - Phlox paniculata - Perennial; A graceful addition to any garden, this 3-4ft. plant can eventually form clumps over two feet across, so it needs plenty of room in the garden. Other than dividing every 2-3 years to prevent overcrowding, this is a beautiful plant needs little attention and provides years of gorgeous sweet smelling blooms. Blooms on this variety are purple. Full sun or partial shade; plant height: 3-4ft.
#133  Packet   $8.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#P133  #1 bare root Plant   $12.95

  Mix - Phlox paniculata - Perennial; A mix of the best of the tall summer phloxes including Laura (purple), Eva Cullum (pink flowers with maroon eyes), Katherine (lavender blue with white eye), and David (white).  Full sun or partial shade; height: 3ft.
#361  Packet  $8.50    Approximately 50 seeds

phlox sublata blue emerald Blue Emerald - Phlox sublata - Brilliant bright blue blooms on a compact, spreading plant.  Great for banks and borders.  Full sun; height: 6in.
#P3-2584 Three plants #1 bare root   $39.95
#P12-2584 Twelve plants #1 bare root   $79.95

White Delight - Phlox sublata - Snowy white blooms cover this low growing ground cover.  Perfect for hillsides or over rock walls.  Full sun; height: 6in.
#P3-2585 Three plants #1 bare root    $39.95
#P12-2585 Twelve plants #1 bare root   $79.95

Drummond Phlox drummondii Texas wildflower  Drummond Phlox, Mixed Colors - Phlox drummondii -   Native Texas wildflower that has established itself over the southeastern US.  Clusters of bright blooms cluster at the ends of stems, creating a mass of color.  Blooms are shades of pink, red, white and magenta.  Spectacular in mass plantings.  Prefers a light sandy soil.  Plant in spring  Full sun; height: 24in.  Seeding rate: 8lbs per acre
#2506  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-2506   Bulk seed   1oz  $12.89
#B4z-2506   Bulk seed 4oz  $28.89
#B1-2506   Bulk seed   1lb  $72.89

Drummond Phlox, Pastel Mix - Phlox drummondii -  Pretty 1 inch blooms in soft pastel shades.  Growth habit is low and spreading.  Good bedding or container plant.  Full sun; height: 8" (12 in. spread)
#1408  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 100 seeds

phlox ethine  Ethine Series - Heat tolerant plants covered with masses of bright flowers.  Good bedding or container plant.  Full sun or partial shade;  height: 8in.
#3911    Burgundy
Packet   $4.50,  Approximately 100 seeds
#3912    Rose
Packet   $4.50,  Approximately 100 seeds
#3913    Scarlet
Packet   $4.50,  Approximately 100 seeds
#3914    White
Packet   $4.50  Approximately 100 seeds
#3915    Pale blue
Packet   $4.50,  Approximately 100 seeds
#3916    Purple
Packet   $4.50,  Approximately 100 seeds
#3917    Dark Velvet Red
Packet   $4.50,  Approximately 100 seeds


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