(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Phlomis samia Perennial flower  Samia (Phlomis samia)  Perennial;  Unusual plant with dense whorls of flowers on long stems.  Blooms are creamy brown with a pink inside.  Very odd.  The name is taken from the Greek phlomos, which translates as Mullien.  The variety name refers to the island of Samos, on which this plant can be found.  It is also native to Greece, Northern Africa, parts of Europe and Asia.  It prefers a light loamy well drained soil that is rather poor.  Full sun; height: 40in.
#1264  Packet  $7.50,  Approximately 30 seeds

Phlomis Russelliana  Russelliana - Perennial;  A very different plant with striking large wooly erect stems with whorls of bright yellow blooms with pink centers.  Full sun or partial shade; height: 36in.
#3995   Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 50 seeds


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