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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

parrotia persica persian seed tree plantparrotia persica persian witch hazel blooms seed tree plant     Persian Parrotia, Persian Witch Hazel - Parrotia persica

Small deciduous tree native to the Caucasus region.  Member of the family Mamaelidaceae.  The tree has a wide spreading crown and may reach up to 40ft. in height and 30ft in diameter.  Leave are oval in shape and are 5 inches long by 3 inches wide.  Parrotia can form trees with a single or multiple trunks, which are quite attractive with their peeling bark and smooth underlying wood. 

The tree is rather non descript in the spring and summer, but in autumn they are spectacular, with foliage which turns brilliant red, orange and bronze shades.  They make excellent specimen or small shade or street trees.  Flowers are produced, like the related witch hazel (Hamamelis), in the late winter, are bright red and produced in abundance, making Parrotia very desirable for winter interest.

Parrotia does well in most any well drained soils that are not heavy and waterlogged soils, but they do tend to be slightly drought tolerant.  They prefer a planting site in full sun or partial shade and grow rather quickly.

Parrotia may be propagated by sowing seed in spring or by taking softwood cuttings in the early summer.  Seed should be cold stratified for 60 days prior to planting for best germination.  See seed stratification

Hardy to 20F (12.2C)   Height: 40ft.    Spread:  30ft.

#1082    Packet  $40.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#B1z-1082    Bulk seed 1oz  $65.50   Approximately 550 seeds
#B4-1082    Bulk Seed  4oz.   $80.50   Approximately 2225 seeds
#B1z-1082    Bulk seed 1lb  $120.50   Approximately 8900 seeds


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