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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Tagetes sp.  For general plant information, cultivation and seed specs, see CULTIVATION below. 

Marigolds are one of the most popular annuals due to their fast growth, bright color and strong, tolerant plants.  They lend a splash of color to any garden and make wonderful borders, bedding, or container plants.  Easy to grow, they are virtually pest and disease free and are a dependable bloomer even in the heat of summer.  The perfect choice for a children's garden.   Happiest in full sun and in a well drained soil, they are extremely tolerant of soil types, doing well in sandy and clay soils.


Antigua Series  (Tagetes erecta) -  Mounded garden habit with bright 3 inch double blooms. Excellent border , bedding or container plant.  Height: 10-12 inches; Approximately 50 seeds per pack
#12372       Gold      Packet of seeds         $4.00 
#12373       Orange   Packet of seeds        $4.00
#12374       Primrose    Packet of seeds     $4.00
#12375       Yellow       Packet of seeds     $4.00
#12376       Mix of the above colors       Packet of seeds    $4.00

Crackerjack Mixed African
          marigold Tagetes erecta  Crackerjack Mix - Tagetes erecta -  African marigold with large double blooms in shades of yellow and orange. Height 24-36in.
#128  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-128   Bulk seed   4oz  $15.49
#B1-128   Bulk seed   1 lb  $47.99

Inca II Series - Tagetes erecta  Inca II Series - Tagetes erecta - Fully double flat huge 4in. heads and excellent disease resistance make this variety the perfect choice for a mid-height bedding marigold. Height: 14-16in.  Approximately 50 seeds per packet
#12377       Gold             Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds
#12378       Orange         Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds
#12379       Primrose      Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds
#12380       Yellow       Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds
#1311       Mix of the above colors      Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds

Jedi Series - Tagetes erecta - Incredible disease tolerant plants are the tallest of the cutflower Marigolds. Uniform and continuous flowering. Large firm double bloom are up to 5 inches in diameter on long strong stems. Flowers 70 days from transplanting. Amazing border or hedge plant. Height: 56in., Spreads to 32in.  Approximately 50 seeds per packet
#9750     Deep Gold            Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds
#9751      Deep Orange                  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds
#12381       Mix of the above colors      Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds

Pinwheel - Tagetes erecta -  This colorful heirloom marigold can be traced to 1791, when it was mentioned in an edition of Curtis' Botanical Journal.  Single golden orange flowers are striped in mahogany.  Height: 24-36"   80-90 days
#417  Packet $4.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds

Simba Lions Mane marigold
          Tagetes erecta  Simba or Lion's Mane - Tagetes erecta - This version of the old 1940's favorite, the Chrysanthemum marigold,  has shaggy petals slightly incurving.  Gives a whole new look to the marigold bed.  Height: 36in.
#4265  Packet $5.50 each  Approximately 15 seeds

Sweet Cream marigold
          Tagetes erecta  Sweet Cream - Tagetes erecta -  Hybrid variety producing 2-1/2 inch double blooms in a rich creamy white.  Compact growth habit.  Height: 16in.
#3025  Packet $4.50 each  Approximately 25 seeds

Tall Hedge Mix (Landscaping Mix) - Tagetes erecta - Wonderful collection of  the best of the hedge type marigolds producing a complete spectrum of colors running from pale yellow to deep orange on tall strong stems.  Perfect summer hedge or border and an excellent cut flower variety - frequent pickings will produce the largest blooms.  Height: 36in.
#3024  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds


Durango SeriesTagetes patula -  Uniform with large anemone type bloms. Timing is consistant. Unusual colors. Height: 12inches. 70 days from seed
#12382    Bee - Brilliant mahogany blooms with yellow marks make a very bold contrast Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds
#12383   Bolero - Bright peachy butterscotch flecked with cinnamon.      $3.50
#12384   Flame - Deep bronze edged with orange.      $3.50
#12385   Gold      $3.50
#12386   Orange     $3.50
#12387   Outback Mix - Mix of western colors and bicolors (gold to orange to red)      $3.50
#12388   Red      $3.50
#12389   Tangerine      $3.50
#12390   Yellow      $3.50
#12391   All Mix - Mixe of all colors      $3.50

marigold janie Janie Mix Tagetes patula -  Crested 1-1/2in. blooms in shades of yellow, orange and mahogany.  Height: 8in.  50-60 days
#357  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds
#P357   Plant   2in. pot  $4.50

Disco Mix marigold Tagetes
          patula  Disco Mix - Tagetes patula -  Early flowering dwarf variety with brilliant single blooms in yellow, gold and mahogany, some bicolors with contrasting eyes.  Long lasting color.  Great border or potting plant.  Height: 8-10in.  50-60 days.
#418  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds

Rich's Dwarf Crested Mix - Tagetes patula - A lovely mix of crested French marigolds, with tufted centers and contrasting collars. Perfect bedding or border plants.  Height: 8in.
#1395  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds

Fireball - Tagetes patula - Crazy mixed up plant with gold orange and mahogany blooms all on the same plant. Wonderful container or bedding plant. Height: 10in.
#12392  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds

Queen Sophia - Tagetes patula -   Compact plants covered with 2-1/2in. double blooms.  Color is russet edged in gold.  Lovely border plant as it retains its compact habit throughout the season.  Height: 10in.
#419  Packet  $3.50  Approximately 100 seeds
#P419  Plant   2in. pot   $4.50


Sweet Mace (Mecxican Mint or Spanish Tarragon) - Tagetes lucida -   The whole plant a a delicious fragrance of cloves and anise. Glossy smooth deep green leaves and small orange blooms. Great container plant!  Height: 16in.
#4801  Packet  $3.50  Approximately 100 seeds
#Bm-4801  Bulk seed, 1,000 seeds   $7.50

Paprika (Signet Marigold) - Tagetes tenufolia (Syn. Tagestes signata) -   Native Mexican species forming a broad bushy plant only 1 ft tall.  Masses of single daisy maroon blooms with golden edges. Ferny lemon-scented foliage. Height: 8in.
#9639  Packet  $3.50  Approximately 100 seeds
#Bm-9639  Bulk seed, 1,000 seeds   $7.50

Marigolds are decorative annual plants belonging to the Daisy family, Compositae.  The two most recognized cultivated types are Tagetes erecta (African or American marigold) and Tagetes patula, called the French marigold (even though the plants of both Afican and French types are native to Mexico and South America) .  American marigolds are tall types bearing single or double blooms of white, yellow, orange.  French marigolds grow up to 2ft in height and bear single or double blooms in a wide range of colors from pale yellow to dark mahogany, in single colors or bicolors.  Both types make excellent border or bedding plants and the French types make lovely container plants.  Other notable varieties, though less often cultivated are T. lucida, Anise scented marigold, and T. tennufolia.  Marigolds also make excellent winter flowering plants for the greenhouse when adequate light is present.

Marigolds thrive in ordinary garden soil in a sunny location.  Avoid nitrogen rich soils as the plants will have luxurious foliage, but few blooms and shady locations which will hamper bloom production.

Marigolds are easily propagated from seed either sown directly in the garden or for transplants.  FOR TRANPLANTS: For summer blooms, seed hould be sown about 6-7 weeks before the plants are to be set outdoors.  Sow seed in pots or trays at a depth of 1/4 inch.  Keep moist at 75-80F.  Transplant to larger containers when the seedlings are 2 inches tall.    Transplant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed and the weather has settled.  Seedlings should be spaced according to type.  Space American marigolds 10-18 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart.  Space French marigolds 9-15 inches apart each way.  DIRECT SOW:  Sow seed in prepared area.  Sow American marigolds 3-4 seeds every 12 inches in rows 18-24 inches apart. Thin to 1 plant every 10\-18 inches.  (For hedge, sow seeds thinly in rows 24 inches apart)

Tagetes erecta marigolds have been  used to treat indigestion and colic, sores and skin ulcers and rheumatism.  A yellow dye is obtained from the flowers. 

Tagetes patula flowers are used to brew tea, and the leaves as a food flavoring and a digestive aid.

Tagetes lucida leaves are dried, ground and used as a tarragon substitute for flavoring foods.  The Aztecs used the leaves to flavor chocolati, a cocoa drink.  Leaves are still used to brew a popular tea.  The plant has been used as an anaesthetic and to treat indigestion, though it also reported to be mildly narcotic.

.Tagetes tenufolia blooms are used to flavor foods and for garnishes.  The plants secrete substances that have an insecticidal effect against nematodes and some weed grasses, aspragus beetles and bean weavils.  Excellent companion plant.

SEED SPECS:  Approximately 8,400 seeds per ounce

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