(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Texas Bluebell.  Originally a native Texas wildflower, the species has been modified to produce a wide variety of colors.  Germinates and grows best at a cool temperature.

Lisianthus russelianus Annual flowerLisianthus yellow Echo Series  (Lisianthus russelianus) Annual;  Double flowered version with tulip shaped 2-1/2 inch blooms and an upright growth habit, making it a great cut flower.  Grey-green foliage.  Full sun; height: 24in. (12in. spread)
#1309    Mixed colors - white, blue, pink, yellow
  Packets  $4.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#3011   Blue picotee
  Packets  $4.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#3012   Pink
  Packets  $4.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#3526   Purple
  Packets  $4.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#3014   Yellow
  Packets  $4.50,  Approximately 50 seeds

Florida Blue (Lisianthus russelianus)  Annual;  This variety does well in warm climates, producing sky blue single blooms.  Full sun; height: 8in.
#1310  Packet  $4.50,  Approximately 25 seeds


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