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(Plant heights are given at maturity)


Fantasy Mix - Linaria maroccana - Annual;  Cool season annual with good temperature tolerance.  Can be grown in milder winters as a winter crop.  5/8 inch snapdragon-like blooms on compact dwarf plants.  Full sun; height: 8in.
#1308  Packet  $6.50   Approximately 30 seeds

Lace Series - Miniature snapdragon-like blooms in large sprays make a perfect filler for arrangements.  Full sun or partial shade' height: 10in.
#3527  White   Packet  $6.50   Approximately 30 seeds
#3528  Yellow   Packet  $6.50   Approximately 30 seeds
#3529  Violet   Packet  $6.50   Approximately 30 seeds

Toadflax (Butter and Eggs) - Linaria dalmatica- Perennial - A member of the snapdragon family, this lovely plant sports a mass of yellow and white snapdragon-like flowers all spring and summer.  The foliage is narrow and blue-green.  Easy to grow.  The plant gets its name (Toadflax) because it was believed to be a preferred haven for toads.  Full sun or partial shade; Plant height: 18-24in.
#836   Seed Packet   Approximately 100 seeds   $8.50


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