(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Miss Kim - Syringa patula 'Miss Kim' or Syringa velutina - Compact dwarf lilac with long lasting fragrant purple flowers that remain long after other lilacs have stopped blooming.  Leaves are a brilliant purple-red in fall.  Hardy to  -30F (-34.4C); height: 7ft.
#P1111F  1yr. Plant   $ 50.29
#P2-1111F  (1yr. plants)   Two plants for $59.99

Nodding Lilac -  Syringa reflexa - Rich purple-pink flowers are wonderfully fragrant.  Free flowering.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 12ft.
#1074  Seed packet  $ 28.50   approximately 100 seeds

Old fashioned Lilac Syringa vulgaris  Old-fashioned Lilac  - Syringa vulgaris -  Fragrant, delicate clusters of pale lilac blooms open at the end of May.   Plant height: 12-20ft.  HardyUSDA Zones 4-7
#P1075F  2-3ft. plant  $ 24.95
#P3-1075F   (2-3ft. trees)  Three trees for $33.99

Peking Lilac - Syringa  pekinensis -  A small tree lilac with creamy white flower panicles closely crowded together.  The golden yellow bark sometimes peels in brown flakes.  Plant height: 15-20ft. tree
#1073  Seed packet  $ 9.50   approximately 100 seeds
#P1073H  2-3ft. tree  $ 19.95
#P3-1073H  (2-3ft. trees)  Three plants for $26.99


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