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(Plant heights are given at maturity)


Black Seeded Simpson Heirloom Lettuce  Black Seeded Simpson (45 days) Heirloom from the 1850s.. Leaves are bright green, ruffled and crisp. Drought tolerant.
#255  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-255   Bulk seed   4oz  $7.99
#B1-255   Bulk seed   1lb  $14.99

Lolla Rosa Heirloom Lettuce  Lolla Rosa (70 days)  Heirloom. Lovely magenta leaves with a green base.  Mild flavor.  Cut and grow again.
#966 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 800 seeds

Oak Leaf (50 days)  Heirloom from the 1850s.. Green oak leaf shaped leaves with a sweet mild taste.  Cut and grow again. Good type for warmer weather.
#1276  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-1276   Bulk seed   4oz  $6.99
#B1-1276   Bulk seed   1lb  $13.99

Radichetta (50 days)  Heirloom.  A cold hardy variety from Italy with good resistance to bolting.  Long thin stems with green serrated leaves.
#967 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 800 seeds

Red Deer Tongue (65 days) Heirloom.  Pointed red leaves resemble a deer tongue. Resists bolting and is cold resistant.
#257 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 225 seeds

Red Oak Leaf  (55 days)  Heirloom.  Bright bronze red leaves with deep ruffled edges.  Very sweet.
#3593  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 800 seeds
#B4z-3593   Bulk seed   4oz  $6.99
#B1-3593   Bulk seed   1lb  $14.99


Biondo Ortolani Heirloom Lettuce  Biondo Ortolani (55-65 days)  Heirloom. Classic romaine shape and taste.  Good cool weather variety.
#969 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 800 seeds

Cimmaron Little Leprechaun Heirloom Lettuce  Cimmaron (Little Leprechaun) 65 days -  Heirloom variety dated to the early 18th century with 12 inch deep red heads.  Crisp and tender.  Slow to bolt.
#1277  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-1277   Bulk seed   4oz  $18.99
#B1-1277   Bulk seed   1lb  $29.89

Valmaine (70-75)  Heirloom.  The perfect lettuce for salads, this variety has large leaves and crispy ribs.  Good variety for hot or cool weather.
#556 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 220 seeds

Forellenschluss Austrian heirloom Lettuce  Forellenschluss  (55 days) - This Austrian heirloom has thick lime-green leaves speckled with maroon. Lovely gourmet variety that resists bolting.
#259 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 800 seeds

Jericho Lettuce  Jericho (60-65 days)  Rare variety from Israel that was developed to resist bolting and wilting in dry hot summers.  The large heads stay crisp and sweet.
#264 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 220 seeds

Parris White Cos (Romaine Blonde Marachiere) 65 days - This heirloom has been a favorite Romaine type lettuce since the 1800s. Resists bolting.
#260  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-260   Bulk seed   4oz  $8.99
#B1-260   Bulk seed   1lb  $19.89


Buttercrunch Lettuce  Buttercrunch (68 days) A favorite bibb-type lettuce that stays fresh & crisp and resists bitterness.
#261  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-261   Bulk seed   4oz  $6.99
#B1-261   Bulk seed   1lb  $13.89

Brune d'Hiver French heirloom Lettuce  Brune d'Hiver (Brown Winter) (55-60 days) This French heirloom has crinkled green red-edged leaves. Cold hardy so it makes a good fall crop.
#262 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 275 seeds

Limestone Bibb Heirloom LettuceLimestone Bibb (70 days) Heirloom from the 1850s originally from Kentucky, with dark green outer leaves and yellow-green inner ones.  Best in cool weather.
#2555  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-2555   Bulk seed   4oz  $7.99
#B1-2555   Bulk seed   1lb  $14.89

Merveille des Quatre Saisons Four Seasons Continuity Red heirloom Lettuce  Merveille des Quatre Saisons (Four Seasons,Continuity Red)(45-55 days) This early variety heirloom from France was introduced in the 1800s. Leaves on the outside are reddish-brown, hearts are white. All season type.
#263 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 400 seeds

Pirat (55-60 days)  Round buttery heart and tender leaves.  Compact habit.
#688 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 220 seeds

Sandrina Lettuce  Sandrina (60 days) Rare variety that holds up well in cold weather, germinating easily in cool soil. Yellow green leaves.
#265 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 225 seeds

Tom Thumb (55-65 days) Like its name implies, this variety produces tiny heads of crisp green lettuce. Usually is served whole as a salad. Does best when planted in cool weather, spring or fall.  Heirloom from the 1830s.
#266 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 200 seeds
#266 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 200 seeds


Great Lakes (80 days)  Large firm heads with slightly crumpled leaves.  Very hardy.
#968  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B968    Bulk seed     4oz   $6.15     1lb   $16.79
#968  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-968   Bulk seed   4oz  $16.15
#B1-968   Bulk seed   1lb  $26.79

New York Head (80-85 days) Heirloom dating to 1888. Good solid 3-4 pound heads are tender with white hearts.
#269 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 200 seeds

Reine des Glaces heirloom Lettuce  Reine des Glaces (65 days) French heirloom known as The Queen of the Ices as it is a cold hardy crisphead lettuce with pointed outer leaves that resemble a crown. Lovely dark green leaves with wonderful flavor.
#270 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 200 seeds


Rich's Mesclun Blend (60 days)  A mix of colors, textures and tastes.
#658  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-658   Bulk seed   4oz  $24.85
#B1-658   Bulk seed   1lb  $46.99

Graph of soil temperatures for planting lettuce seeds
There is great diversity in the lettuce varieties that we offer; which makes the general information provided only valuable as adjustable guidelines. This may also affect your seed planting and propagation strategies and the germination rates under your planting conditions may vary from the seed lot test results. The following soil temperature data is for lettuce in general. Temperatures are average daytime from planting to emergence. Percentage is average germination rate. Days is number of days to emergence.
32ºF x 98% x 49 days; 41ºF x 98% x 15 days; 50ºF x 98% x 7 days; 59ºF x 99% x 4 days; 68ºF x 99% x 3 days; 77ºF x 99% x 2 days; 86ºF x 12% x 3 days; 95ºF x 0% x 0 days;


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