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(Plant heights are given at maturity)


Monte Blanc lavatera trimetris Perennial  Monte Blanc - Lavatera trimetris - Perennial;  This relative of the hollyhock resembles it in many ways.  #-1/2in. blooms of snow white are borne on stalks that reach 3ft. in height.  A perfect border or cutting garden plant.  Full sun; plant height: 36in.
#413  Packet  $5.50    Approximately 100 seeds

Ruby Regis Lavatera trimetris Perennial  Ruby Regis - Lavatera trimetris - Perennial;  Dark green foliage with a profusion of deep rose blooms veined in maroon.  Full sun;  plant height: 36in.
#414  Packet  $9.50    Approximately 100 seeds

Beauty Mix lavatera trimetris  Beauty Mix -  Lavatera trimetris -  Perennial;  Beautiful blooms range in shades of rose, pink, and white.  Compact growth.  Full sun;  plant height: 24in.
#415  Packet  $5.50    Approximately 100 seeds

Rose Mallow - Lavatera trimetris -  Perennial;  Self-sowing plant naturalized through the southeastern US.  Lavender-pink blooms with dark purple veins.  Very tolerant of many soil conditions.  Sow in early spring, after danger of frost is past.  Blooms summer and fall.  Full sun to partial shade;  height: 3-5ft.

#2496  Packet   $3.50     Approximately   100 seeds
#B4z-2496   Bulk seed   4oz   $27.99
#B1-2496   Bulk seed   1lb  $50.15

Silver Cup lavatera trimestris Perennial  Silver Cup - Lavatera trimestris - Perennial;  Silvery-pink blooms veined in rose on semi-dwarf plants.  Great for bedding, containers or hanging baskets.  Does very well in full sun.  Full sun to partial shade; height: 15in.
#4023  Packet   $3.50    Approximately 100 seeds


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