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(Plant heights are given at maturity)
Laurus nobilis Daphne Bay Laurel plant seeds Bay Laurel
Sweet Bay
True Laurel
Bay Tree
Laurier d'Apollon
Roman Laurel
Greek Laurel
Noble Laurel
Laurier Sauce
Grecian Laurel
laurus nobilis Bay Laurel
Bay Laurel   Laurus nobilis - This tree or shrub, native to the Mediterranean region, has been prized for centuries for its leaves, which are used to season stews, soups, and meats and as an ingredient in bouquet garni.  In earlier times, it's leaves were used to create crowns and wreaths for honored heroes and poets (thus the modern term 'poet laureate') and were used by the Oracles and priestesses of Delphi.  Oil taken from the leaves and berries has been used to treat earache, sprains and bruises.  The tree itself can be grown outdoors in a warm climate, or as a greenhouse or potted plant.  Hardy to 20F (-6.7C); height: 60ft. (in native climate) 6ft. (potted)
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