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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

isotoma axillaris star flower seed plant The Star Flower (Rock Isotome or Laurentia), Isotoma axillaris, is a tender herbaceous perennial belonging to the Campanula family, Campanulaceae and native to Australia.   The plant has long divided leaves and a compact mounding growth habit and makes an excellent rock garden or border plant. In summer, the plants are covered with small bright blue star shaped blooms and make a lovely show. 

The plant grows low (6-12 inches) and spreads out approximately the same. Isotomas prefer a location in full sun in a loamy well drained soil.  Plants grown as annuals in colder climates should not be planted outdoors until the soil temperatures hold steady at about 65F.  Annual plants can be dug in the fall and potted in containers to over winter in a sunny location indoors.

Isotomas are easily propagated by sowing seed in pots or trays in a sterile medium.  Keep moist at 70-75F.  Seedlings should be transplanted to larger containers when they reach about 2 inches in height.  Plant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed and soil is warm (about the same time that one would plant corn).

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