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Hydrastis - Goldenseal

Planting roots and Herbal powders
(Plant heights are given at maturity)
Eye Balm
Eye Root
Hydrastis Canadensis
Indian Dye
Indian Paint
Wild Curcuma
Yellow Puccoon
Hydrastis canadensis American Goldenseal
Plant has an erect stem with dark green, hairy, large, palmate leaves. Stem has a single small white flower in Spring, and a bright red berry (not edible) in Summer.Grow in shady area (requires 75% shade); in acidic soil: pH 5.5 - 6.5

Cherokee Indians use this plant for skin ailments, eye wash and as a dye. Since this and possibly other old American uses were observed, it has been recommended for many medicinal uses in American and English Pharmacopedia

  American Goldenseal - Hydrastis canadensis - Perennial - . Height: 12 inches Hardy to 20F (-12C)
#B5g-4158   Bulk planting seed   5 g.  (approximately 90 seeds)     $51.99
#P2-4158   Two Planting roots   $37.50
#P10-4158   Ten Planting roots   $117.22

#CSL-4158   Dried, cut, and sifted leaves   1 lb.     $72.60
#GL-4158   Dried and ground leaves   1 lb.     $74.60
#CSR-4158   Dried, cut, and sifted roots   1 lb.     $137.50
#GR-4158   Dried and ground roots   1 lb.     $139.50


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