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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

English Ivy Hedera helix vine  English Ivy - Hedera helix

Members of the family Araliaceae, Hederas are evergreen climbing vines that attach by means of arial roots.  They are most often used to cover trellises, fences or walls, but are frequently used as house plants as well.  Hederas Habit is variable as is the size and shape of its leaves.  Many sports have arisen from the species variety and have widely different characteristics - small or large leaves, blunt or pointed, and some with variegation.  Leaves are  thick and leathery.  Blooms are yellow or greenish yellow and rather nondescript, maturing into pea sized berries  usually dark purple or black.

They plants thrive in ordinary garden soil in full sun to partial shade, though they do not often do well exposed to very hot sun in warm climates and tend to sunburn.  Hedera works well as a ground cover in sun or shade and serves well where grass will not grow.  Plants should be pruned agressively to keep them orderly when used in this fashion as they are vigorous growers and can very soon push out of bounds.  

Hederas may be propagated by seed, layering, or by taking cuttings in the spring.  In mild climates, cuttings can be planted directly outdoors in a shaded place and are easily started.  Established plants often layer themselves and multiply in this manner.  New baby plants can then be transplanted, if desired.  Seeds should be soaked in warm water for 24 hours, then cold stratified for 30 days prior to sowing for best germination.

The leaves contain a susbstance called emeline, which is an antimicrobial and amoebicidal.  Hedera has been used to treat liver flukes, fungi,  internal and external  parasites as well as gout, though currently, it is suggested that internal use of hedera for homeopathic purposes should be limited and used with caution as the leaves contain saponins which can cause severe problems.  The leaves are used to make a dye for cloth and hair.

Hardy to -20F (-28.8C)

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Variegated English Ivy - Hedera helix - Bright yellow leaves edged and marbled in dark green.  This variety grows more slowly and is less invasive.  Hardy to  -20F (-28.8C); height: 8in. (vine runs about 20ft or more)
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