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Bishop's Weed, Snow on the Mountain, Jack Jump about, Herb Gerard, Ashweed, Achweed, English Masterwort, Pigweed, Elfroot, Ground Elder, Bishops elder, Weyl Ash, Bishopswort

Goutweed Aegopodium podograria

Goutweed - Aegopodium podograriaPerennial - Culinary, Medicinal - Fast growing ground cover for sun or shade.  Leaves are triangular and varigated in light green and white.  Flower brackets with tiny white blooms appear in June and July.  Makes an attractive border or low hedge, but can become invasive if not controlled.  The leaves are often used as salad greens and as a treatment for gout, arthritis and rheumatism.  Full sun to full shade;  plant height: 12-18in.
Plants:  #P488  bare root #1   $12.95


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