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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Also called Wand Flower, these perennial beauties are tough and resiliant, tolerating areas prone to drought and those with high humidity.  Light and airy in appearance, these graceful plants have an open growth habit and light arching stems topped with dainty 4-petaled blooms that resemble a butterfly.  The foliage is rather like a willow - long and narrow.  They flower over a long period, producing many blooms.  Sure to be a hit in any garden, but especially useful in water gardens and Japanese gardens.

The plants are perennial, but should be treated as annuals in heavy soils.  They are easily propagated from seed sown in March and kept moist and warm at about 70F.  They are then transplanted outdoors when all danger of frost has passed in a sunny location.  Space at 12 inches apart each way. 

Hardy to -10F (-23.3C)


gaura bride  The Bride - Gaura lindheimeri - Snowy white blooms appear over the entire season.  Very pretty as a filler or bedding plant.  Height: 36in.
#3890  Packet, $3.50 each,  Approximately 75 seeds
#P3890     Plant  3in. pot   $10.00

gaura siskiyou pink  Siskiyou Pink - Gaura lindheimeri - Bright pink blooms and dark green leaves splashed with red.  Very pretty plant forming a clumping mound.  Height: 18in
#P2888     3in. pot    $10.00


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