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FRUITING Plants, Seeds and Dried Herb

(Plant heights are given at maturity)
 Woodland Black Cap™ Rubus occidentalis silvis  Woodland Black Cap™ - Black fruit with sweet, rich flavor and loaded with antioxidants. Although R. silvis is the ancestor of what are sometimes called 'black raspberries' or thimbleberry , this is not a berry, but is an aggregate fruit and this variety produces a black 1/2 - 5/8 inch diameter round fruit on the end of the stems that has a much richer and distinctive taste. When the fruit of Rubus occidentalis silvis first forms like a Cap on the end of each stem, it is Light Green then turning white.  As the fruit grows it slowly goes through a spectrum of colors turning a Yellow then through Beige to Pink; then from Bright Red to Deep Red to Purple. Eventually it turns Blue and then Darker Blue.  Time to eat when it is Dark Dark Blue (Black).  All of the colors in one fruit!  Mid-season ripening.  Plant height: 9ft.  Winter hardy to -20F degrees (-30 C.)
#001   Seed Packet    Approximately 20 seeds    $  5.50
# P4-001  (2yr. plants)  Four plants for $29.99
# P12-001  (2yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $59.99


- Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
Fall Gold - Truly prolific producer of golden honey sweet berries.  Two crops: one in July, the other in September.
# P1219   1yr. plant   $  16.95
# P4-1219  (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $29.99
# P12-1219  (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $59.99

Heritage Red Raspberry   Heritage Red - Disease free berries with large red fruits.  Sweet and juicy.
# P1218   1yr. plant   $  16.95
# P4-1218  (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $29.99
# P12-1218  (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $59.99

Latham Raspberry   Latham -  Large red raspberries ripening evenly over a 3 week period.  Good producer.
# P699   1yr. plant   $  16.95
# P4-699  (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $29.99
# P12-699  (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $59.99

Rubus idaeus plant seeds leaves fruit Wild Raspberry European Wild Raspberry - Rubus idaeus - The leaves of this plant have been used for centuries to treat diarrhea and menstrual problems.
#B1lb-4231CS     Dried leaves cut and sifted  1lb   $24.99
#B1lb-4231G     Dried leaves cut and sifted  1lb   $32.95


- Hardy to -40F (-40C)
Arapaho Blackberry   Arapaho - Rubus fruticosus 'Arapaho' - This erect growing thornless blackberry is one of the earliest of the season, producing large berries with very small seeds.  New canes are produced by natural layering and are produced from the roots, as well.  Hardy to USDA Zone 6
# P1354   1yr. plant   $  16.95
# P4-1354  (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $29.99
# P12-1354  (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $59.99

 Blackberry plants Rubus fruticosus 'Chester' fruit  Chester - Rubus fruticosus 'Chester' -  Canes are cold-hardy and productive, with large firm sweet berries.  Hardy to USDA Zone 5
# P2660   1yr. plant   $  16.95
# P4-2660  (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $29.99
# P12-2660  (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $59.99

Wild blackberry - Rubus fruticosus - Dried leaves, cut and sifted
#B4z-3966CS    Dried leaves, cut and sifted   4oz    $24.99
#B1lb-3966CS    Dried leaves, cut and sifted   1lb    $49.95


Thornless Boysenberry   Thornless -  This trailing relative of the blackberry has long vigorous canes that produce a great quantity of 2in. long dark, tart berries.  Frost and winter hardy to -20F degrees.
# P846   1yr. plant   $  27.95
# P4-846   (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $59.99
# P12-846   (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $79.99



Blueberries are a traditional American fruit, used for pies, jellies and jams.  There are two main types: Highbush, or cultivated blueberries and Lowbush, or wild types. Highbush berries grow to a height of 10ft. or more and, generally, have larger fruits .  Lowbush berries grow to only about 3ft. and have smaller berries.  There are varieties of both types that do well in warmer or cooler climates, thus there are Northern highbush, Southern highbush and Northern and Southern lowbush varieties.  Plant at least one plant of two or more varieties to guarantee pollination.

All blueberries prefer a slightly acidic soil with optimum pH at 4.0-5.2.  Soil should be slightly moist, so compact clay soils aren't blueberry-friendly.  If your soil pH is higher, you can lower it by adding quantities of loam, compost (oak leaves are great), or sulfur.  Porosity can be increased by adding peat.  Plant the bushes rather shallowly (no deeper than 6").  Keep the weeds down, but make certain that you don't cultivate deeply around the roots - blueberries have shallow root systems that can be damaged by deep cultivation.  Also, you should choose an area to plant that has good circulation and away from tree roots.  Don't prune until you have about three year's growth, then remove weak shoots.  As the bushes age, they will require heavier pruning, so don't be afraid to "lay into 'em".

Northern Highbush - USDA Zone 3-6

Bluecrop Blueberry   Bluecrop -  Midseason.  This is the leading commercial variety of blueberry grown in the US, producing high yields of large berries with exceptional taste that do very well for eating fresh, freezing or canning.  Frost and winter hardy.
# P692   2yr. plant   $  19.95
# P4-692   (2yr. plants)  Four plants for $39.99

Blueray Blueberry   Blueray - Midseason.  Bushes  produce large dark blue fruits with surpassing sweetness.  A favorite variety for the Midwest and Northeast US.  Frost and winter hardy.
# P844   2yr. plant   $  19.95
# P4-844   (2yr. plants)  Four plants for $39.99

Southern Highbush - USDA Zone 7-10
Sharpblue Blueberry   Sharpblue - Early.  The leading and most adaptable in low chill areas.  Bushes reach 6 ft. in height and in milder areas will bloom and produce fruit year 'round. Fruit is dark blue and the size of a dime.  Excellent for areas that recieve less than 500 chilling hours.
# P2667   2yr. plant   $  19.95
# P4-2667   (2yr. plants)  Four plants for $39.99

Misty Blueberry   Misty - Early.  Berries are medium to large and a sky blue in color - sweet & juicy.  The bush is also a lovely ornamental with blue green foliage.  Requires only 300 hours of chilling to produce a bumper crop.
# P2668   2yr. plant   $  19.95
# P4-2668   (2yr. plants)  Four plants for $39.99


New York Blue - 1/4 inch blue berries are borne in clusters and are used to make jams, jellies and wines.  Hardy to USDA Zone 5.  Plant height: 15ft.
# P1071   1yr. plant   $  27.95
# P4-1071   (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $59.99
# P12-1071   (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $79.99

Sambucus nigra Wild Elderberry plant furit seeds flowers  Wild Elderberry - Sambucus nigra - Medicinal - Elderberry flowers are used to treat colds and flu by promoting perspiration
#B1lb-2321W      Dried whole berries   1lb      $28.99
#B4z-2321WF       Dried flowers whole    4oz   $28.99
#B1lb-2321WF      Dried flowers whole   1lb   $39.99


Ribes uva-crispa L. missouriense Nutt. Gooseberry thornless      Pixwell - Nearly thornless canes produce an abundance of round sweet fruits that ripen to pink.  Great for pies, jams, or eating straight from the bush.
# P847   2yr. plant   Sale  $12.99   (Regularly $ 16.99)
# P4-847   (2yr. plants)  Four plants for $29.99


Catawba Sweet red grapes   Catawba - Vitus labruscana - Sweet red grapes are used for eating and for wine.  Ripens about 2 weeks after Concord.
# P2664   2yr. plant   $  24.95
# P2-2664   (2yr. plants)  Two plants for $34.95
# P12-2664   (2yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $54.95

 Concord grapes Vitus labruscana plants fruit  Concord - Vitus labruscana - Blue-black grape that has become the favorite for commercial production for juices and jellies. Fruits are sweet and ripen in late summer.  Seeded
# P695   2yr. plant   $  15.95
# P2-695   (2yr. plants)  Two plants for $19.95
# P12-695   (2yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $54.95

Canadice grape   Canadice - Vitus labruscana - The perfect red table grape.  Large clusters of sweet fruits ripen up to 2 weeks earlier than Concord.  Seedless.
# P848   2yr. plant   $  34.95
# P2-848   (2yr. plants)  Two plants for $49.95
# P12-848   (2yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $119.95

Himrod grape  Himrod  - Vitus labruscana - Seedless white grapes - sweet & juicy.  Good table variety.
# P2765   2yr. plant   $  34.95
# P2-2765   (2yr. plants)  Two plants for $49.95
# P12-2765   (2yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $119.95

Muscadine grape   Muscadine - Vitus rotundifolia - A grape species native to the southern US, purple in color, very sweet with tough skins and seeds.  Good juice grape. Grows not in bunches, but in loose clusters.
# P12-2701   (2yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $139.95

Scuppernong - Vitus rotundifolia - Bronze/green colored muscadine native to the southeastern US where they grow in huge patches, covering entire hillsides or creek banks.  The fruits are about the size of a dime, are bronze-green in color and are very sweet.  A favorite for juices, jellies and jams.
# P2767   2yr. plant   $  24.95
# P2-2767   (2yr. plants)  Two plants for $34.95
# P12-2767   (2yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $54.95

Vitis vinifera Grape vine fruits seeds plants  Grapeseed Powder - Vitis vinifera
#B4z-5240    Dried ground seed    4oz   $27.99
#B1lb-5240    Dried ground seed    1lb   $44.99


- Hardy to -40F (-40C)
Serviceberry Serviceberries   Saskatoon  - This 6-10ft. shrub has pretty white flowers and yields hundreds of blue-purple berries that are wonderful for making pies, jams and jellies.  The taste is similar to blueberries and packs a high level of vitamin C.  Like blueberries, it prefers a slightly acidic soil, but is very tolerant.
# P1062   2yr. plant   $  27.95
# P4-1062   (1yr. plants)  Four plants for $59.99
# P12-1062   (1yr. plants)  Twelve plants for $79.99


Fresca  (45days)  Deep red 1in. berries grown from seed!  Everbearing bush type makes good variety for bedding or pot cultivation.
#1240  Packet  $10.50,  Approximately 100 seeds.

Fort Laramie Strawberry Ft. Laramie - Everbearing variety producing large sweet berries with excellent flavor.  Vigorous running type.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#P12-2768  1 dozen plants  $13.50
#P36-2768  3 dozen plants  $19.95
#P96-2768  8 dozen plants  $49.95

Honeoye Strawberry Honeoye -  Introduced by the New York Experimental Station, this berry is a heavy producer of large sweet berries.  Plants are hardy.
#P12-849  1 doz plants  $13.50,
#P36-849  3 dozen plants  $19.95
#P96-849  8 dozen plants  $49.95

Quinault Strawberry   Quinault - Everbearing type producing heavy crops of large sweet fruits.  Great all 'round berry.
#P12-2769  1 doz plants  $13.50,
#P36-2769  3 dozen plants  $19.95
#P96-2769  8 dozen plants  $49.95

Surecrop - Fruits are large, bright  red and firm.  Good shipping variety and ideal for freezing.  Heavy producer.
#P12-850  1 doz plants  $13.50
#P36-850  3 dozen plants  $19.95
#P96-850  8 dozen plants  $49.95

Temptation (45 days)  Excellent everbearing bush type grown from seed.  Produces 1-1/2in. berries - good hanging basket variety.
#1241  Packet  $6.50,  Approximately 100 seeds.

  Wild Strawberry- Fragaria vesca - The leaves of the wild variety have been used to treat urinary problems and diarrhea.
#B1lb-4142    Dried leaves cut and sifted   1lb    $27.99


Wolfberry Lycium barbarum Matrimony Vine Duke of Argyll's Teaplant   Wolfberry - Lycium barbarum - Perennial - Culinary, Medicinal - Narrow leaves and lovely 1/2 -1 in. trumpet-shaped flowers adorn this attractive native Chinese vine. Fruits, which appear in late summer or early fall are deep red and have many tiny seeds. Dried, they resemble cranberries. The leaves of the vine are often eaten as cooked salad greens and the berries are a popular snack in Canton. In China, the herb is used to strengthen muscles and bone, as a liver tonic and to improve vision. Full sun; plant height: 10ft. Hardy to USDA Zone 5
#158  Packet  $4.50  Approximately 50 seeds.
#P158  Plant  $24.95  1st. yr. seedling
#B1lb-158  Dried berries whole 1lb $34.50

  Chinese Wolfberry - Lycium chinense - (Go-gi-zi, Di-gu-pi) Perennial- Culinary, Medicinal - Same as above, orginating in East Asia. Full sun; plant height: 10ft. Hardy to USDA Zone 5
#1003  Packet  $4.50  Approximately 50 seeds.
#P1003  Plant  $24.95  1st. yr. seedling

Schisandra Magnolia vine Wu wei zi   Schisandra  (Magnolia vineWu-wei-zi, Werenchun, Wu-wei-zu)- Schisandra chinensis -  Hardy climbing vine native to China, Japan & Korea with dark green foliage and small pink magnolia-like flowers and 1/2in. berries that are 10 times higher in vitamin C than oranges.  The Chinese have for centuries used the berries to treat nervous conditions, asthma, chronic cough, diarrhea and to strengthen the immune system.  Adaptogenic and immune-enhancing properties are similar to ginseng.  Sometimes referred to as 'the Chinese Prozac'.    Berries are produced the 3rd year when planted from seed.  Full sun or partial shade.  plant height: 25-30ft. (vine)  Hardy to USDA Zone 4
#190  Packet  $10.50,  Approximately 100 seeds.
#B1lb-190W  Dried berries whole 1lb $27.99
#B1lb-190G  Dried berry powder 1lb $29.99


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