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EGGPLANT SEED SPECS:  Average 6000 seeds per ounce

  Agrich Eggplant (60 days)  This very tasty variety is a long and slender Japanese style eggplant which has purple skin and a good flavor.
#29335    Packet    $4.50    Approximately 50 seeds
#LG29335   Large Packet    $50.50    Approximately 1,200 seeds

Ichiban purple long eggplant  Ichiban (59 days)  This Japanese variety is long and slender, with deep purple skin.
#1249   Packet    $5.50    Approximately 50 seeds
#LG1249   Large Packet    $50.50    Approximately 1,000 seeds

Imperial Black Beauty eggplant  Imperial Black Beauty (80-85 days) This heirloom variety was introduced in the early 1900s and has become the standard by which eggplants are judged. Deep purple fruits are 4-1/2in. when mature and have a flavor that lasts well after picking.
#252 Packet   $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#Bz-252    Bulk seed    1oz  $12.95
#B4z-252    Bulk seed    4oz    $39.30

Louisiana Long Green eggplant  Louisiana Long Green (100 days)  Heirloom variety developed in its namesake state in the mid 1800s.  Unlike most other eggplants, this variety can withstand some frost.  Light green fruits with yellowish stripes.  Mild flavor.
#2554  Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds

Oriental Princess (80 days)  Excellent variety for use in oriental dishes.
#1249  Packet  $3.50    Approximately 50 seeds

Snowy white italian eggplant  Snowy (60 days)  Long uniform white fruits have a mild flavor, without bitterness.
#539  Packet   $3.50    Approximately 50 seeds

White Egg (65 days)  Small oval shaped white fruits resemble eggs.
#3484   Packet   $3.50    Approximately 50 seeds

Graph of soil tempertaures for planting eggplant seeds
There is great diversity in the eggplant varieties that we offer; which makes the general information provided only valuable as adjustable guidelines. This may also affect your seed planting and propagation strategies and the germination rates under your planting conditions may vary from the seed lot test results. The following soil temperature data is for eggplants in general. Temperatures are average daytime from planting to emergence. Percentage is average germination rate. Days is number of days to emergence.
59ºF x 0% x 0 days; 68ºF x 21% x 13 days; 77ºF x 53% x 8 days; 86ºF x 60% x 5 days; 95ºF x 0% x 0 days;


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