(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Pride of Madeira Echium fastuosum  Pride of Madeira - Echium fastuosum or Echium candicans -  A ntive of the Mediterranean, this evergreen perennial is bold and beautiful.  A rapidly growing shrub, it sports large spikes of purple-blue blooms from spring into summer.  The foliage is grey-green and the shrub quickly grows to about 8ft. tall with a 3ft spread.  Tough and resiliant, in it native habitat it grows near the coast and can take the salt air and even light frost.  Great for rock gardens and dry banks, it requires no special soil in a sunny location.  Hardy to 20F (-6.6C); height: 8ft.
#2699 Packet  $7.50    Approximately 50 seeds


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