(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Also known as: Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Alba Dicentra specitibilis Perennial flower  Alba - Dicentra specitibilis 'Alba' - Perennial - Similar to the old fashioned pink, but the blooms are a snowy white.  Best in light shade. Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 3ft.
#2874   Packet  $9.50  Approximately 10 seeds
#P2874    Plant   3in. pot   $18.00

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart Dicentra spectibilis Perennial flower  Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart - Dicentra spectibilis - Perennial - Large bushy clumping plant producing pink heart shaped blooms with white tips.  Victorian favorite.  Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 3ft.
#2875   Packet   $9.50   Aproximately 10 seeds

Golden Tears Dicentra scandens perennial flower  Golden Tears - Dicentra scandens - Climbing variety with golden yellow heart-shaped blooms and dissected leaves.  Unique.  Hardy to -40F (-40C); height: 6ft.
#2640   Packet  $4.50  Approximately 25 seeds


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