(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Also known as:  Twinspur

Pink twinspur Diascia barbarae Annual flowerapricot Twinspur Diascia barbarae Annual flowerLavender Twinspur Diascia barbarae Annual flower  Queen Series - Diascia barbarae - Annual - Beautiful branching plant covered with bright blooms.  Excellent plant for bedding, containers or hanging baskets.  This one is a must have!   Full sun or partial shade; plant height: 12in.
#4047 Pink picture #1, $3.50   Approx. 200 seeds
#4074  White Blush, $5.50   Approx. 100 seeds
#4075  Apricot picture #2, $3.50   Approx. 200 seeds
#4076  Lavender-Pink picture #3, $16.50   Approx. 25 seeds


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