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Cucumis sativus   For growing instructions and seed specifications, see Cultivation below.  
OP=Open Pollinated    H=Hybrid


Armenian Cucumber Cucumis
        sativus  Armenian 60-70 days  OP  This heirloom variety is actually a relative of the honeydew melon and was introduced to Italy from Armenia as early as the 1400s. Stays crisp & sweet even when large.
#242 Packet $3.50 Approximately 50 seeds

Heiwa Prolific - OP  This rare Japanese salad cucumber grows up to 15in. long. Dark green & crispy, its burpless and delicious and does well trellised; a good variety for small spaces.
#246 Packet $3.50 Approximately 25 seeds

Lemon Cucumber  Lemon (70-75 days) OP  This baseball sized round cucumber is as yellow as its namesake with tender skin and white flesh. Dates back to the 1890s. Delicious!
#247 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds .
#B1z-247    Bulk seed   1oz  $7.50
#B4z-247    Bulk seed   4oz  $13.50
#B1-247    Bulk seed    1lb  $36.50

Longfellow - (62-80 days) OP  This heirloom was originally introduced in 1927 by Rice Seed Co. Produces long (12-15") straight fruits that make a great slicing cucumber.
#248 Packet $3.50 Approximately 50 seeds

Marketmore (60-65 days) OP  One of the best slicing cucumbers, this variety features 4-6ft. vines that produce dependably right up to the first hard freeze. 6-8in. fruits
#249 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds .
#B1z-249    Bulk seed   1oz  $5.50
#B4z-249    Bulk seed   4oz  $10.50
#B1-249    Bulk seed    1lb  $21.50

Spacemaster 80 (52 days)  8in dark green fruits. Uniform and high yielding. Space saving compact vines. Disease resistant.
#12603 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds .
#B4z-12603   Bulk seed 4oz, $12.50 
#B1-12603   Bulk seed 1lb, $33.50 

Straight Eight Cucumber   Straight Eight (55-65 days) OP  The standard for slicing cucumbers since 1935. Bears a prolific crop of cucumbers with dark green skin and white flesh; stays crisp and resists disease.
#250 Packet $3.50 Approximately 25 seeds .
#250LG   Large Packet, $6.50  Approximately 200 seeds .
#B4-250   Bulk seed 4oz, $9.50  Approximately 4000 seeds .
#B1-250   Bulk seed 1lb $23.50 
#P-250   One Plant in 2-1/2 inch pot; $4.50
#P6-250   Six Plants- moist root shipping pack;   $11.50

White Wonder (60 days) OP  Introduced in 1833 by Burpee, this variety has 7" long ivory white fruits that are good for slicing or pickling.
#251 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds .
#B1z-251 Bulk seed, 1oz $6.50, Approximately 1000 seeds .
#B4z-251 Bulk seed, 4oz $11.50 .
#B1-251 Bulk seed, 1lb $25.50 .


Boston Pickling (50-60 days) - OP  Dependable producer of medium sized cucumbers perfect for pickling.
#243 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds
#B1z-243 Bulk seed, 1oz (Approximately 1000 seeds) $6.50
#B4z-243 Bulk seed, 4oz $10.50
#B1-243 Bulk seed, 1lb $20.50

Bush Pickler (45 days) - OP  Medium green slightly tapered fruits and short vines. Good for small spaces or containers
#2618 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds
#B1z-2618 Bulk seed, 1oz (Approximately 1000 seeds) $13.50
#B4z-2618 Bulk seed, 4oz $37.50
#B1-2618 Bulk seed, 1lb $124.50

Chicago Pickling Cucumber  Chicago Pickling (50-60 days) OP   Early prolific variety producing heavy yields of uniform pickle-sized fruits.
#244 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds
#B1z-244 Bulk seed, 1oz $6.50 Approximately 1000 seeds
#B4z-244 Bulk seed, 4oz $10.50
#B1-244 Bulk seed, 1lb $20.50 Approximately 1000 seeds

Early Russian (50-55 days) OP  This early variety was first offered for sale in 1888 and is an excellent pickling variety, producing early and continues producing even up to frost. Good short-season variety.
#245 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds

National Pickling (54 days) - OP  Slightly tapered fruits, medium green with black splines. Excellent producer. Mosaic virus resistant
#9624 Packet $3.50 Approximately 30 seeds
#B1z-9624 Bulk seed, 1oz (Approximately 1000 seeds) $6.50
#B4z-9624 Bulk seed, 4oz $10.50
#B1-9624 Bulk seed, 1lb $20.50


Diva (58 days)  H   AAS winner with burpless 8inch fruits, smooth with no peel skin. not bitter, very crisp Good greenhouse type. High yields.
#12358  Packet $12.50  Approximately 50 seeds
#Bm-12359    Bulk seed   1000 seeds  $40.00

Burpless Bush (60 days)  H   Hybrid variety with 8 inch fruits.  Excellent taste.
#1248  Packet $3.50  Approximately 30 seeds
#B4z-1248    Bulk seed   4oz  $32.89
#B1-1248    Bulk seed    1lb  $99.51


Cucumbers have been a staple garden food for hundreds of years.  Botanically known as Cucumis sativus, cucumbers belong to the family Cucurbitaceae.  There are three recognized types of cucumbers:
    Greenhouse (forcing or English forcing) - Slow growing, fruits are long and narrow;  used mainly for slicing
    Garden cucumbers - Suitable for growing outdoors; some have black spines in the early stage that disappear as the fruits mature
    Pickling cucumbers - Small fruits with suitable for pickling whole

All varieties are grown in the same manner Cucumbers require warm temperatures and a pH of 6.8 to 7.2.  Plants are extremely cold sensitive and the soil should be warmed to 60F before planting.  Layers of mulch can keep the surrounding soil warm and hasten germination and growth.  Cucumbers also require adequate moisture to germinate and grow successfully.  Water during dry spells. 

Propagation is by sowing seed either directly in the garden or for transplants.  For transplants, sow seed in rich soil (1 part peat moss, 1 part composted manure and 1 part sand is fine) in pots, trays or plug trays 3-4 weeks before the date to transplant outdoors.  Allow at least 3 inches between seeds as the seedlings grow rapidly once germinated.  Cover to a depth of 1/2 inch.  Keep moist at 80-90F until germination,  Grow on at 60-70F.  Transplant to the garden to location in full sun which has been dug and enriched with generous amounts of compost or composted manure when all danger of frost is past.  Soil should be about 60-F.  Space seedlings 12 inches apart in rows 5-6ft. apart.  Keep weeds down and water during dry spells.

To sow directly into the garden, wait until the soil has warmed to 60F.  Prepare a space in full sun that has been enriched with compost or well rotted manure.  Either row method or hill method may be used.  ROW METHOD: Sow 1 seed every 6 inches. in rows 5-6ft apart.  Cover to a depth of 1/2inch.  Keep moist until germination, then thin seedlings to 1 per foot.  Use shallow cultivation to keep weeds down.   HILL METHOD: Prepare garden space as above, then sow 3-4 seeds every 3ft.  Cover to a depth of 1/2inch. 

HARVEST:  Cucumbers may be picked at any stage of growth.  Daily pickings of mature fruits will promote production.  Pick all yellowing fruits to maintain growth in the plant.

Cucumbers can be grown in a greenhouse with a minimum temperature of 60F.  English forcing varieties are preferred for this purpose. Prepare beds on the greenhouse floor or boxes filled wtih a layer of drainage stones, then a layer of coarse fibrous loam, then a 6-9 inch layer of soil with large amounts of compost or composted manure worked in.  Transplants are then set into the boxes at 2ft apart each way to allow adequate air circulation.  Each plant is provided with a  trellis or a row of stakes with string or wire tied between to use as a 'fence' on which to run.  The vines and runners are then tied to the trellis or fence as they grow.  If too many side shoots emerge, they should be pinch out at the second leaf.  As they plants grow, they may push roots out of the soil.  These should be covered with more soil mixed with compost.  Air flow can be maintained by using fans, but if these are used, plants should be misted with water twice daily. 

SEED SPECS:  Average 16000 seeds per pound;  Seeding Rate: 30 seeds per 15ft.; 15,000 seeds per acre at 2 seeds per foot in rows 6ft apart

Soil temperature
        for planting cucumber seeds
There is great diversity in the cucumber varieties that we offer; which makes the general information provided only valuable as adjustable guidelines. This may also affec70 your seed planting and propagation strategies and the germination rates under your planting conditions may vary from the seed lot test results. The following soil temperature data is for cucumbers in general. Temperatures are average daytime from planting to emergence. Percentage is average germination rate. Days is number of days to emergence.
50F x 0% x 0 days; 59F x 95% x 13 days; 68F x 99% x 6 days; 77F x 99% x 4 days; 86F x 99% x 3 days; 95F x 99% x 3 days; 104F x 49% x 4 days;

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