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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Farewell Clarkia amoena Godetia Annual flower  Farewell to Spring- Clarkia amoena Godetia - Annual; Excellent border flower . Wiry slender stems bear double flowers in shades from white to deep rose. Good cottage garden plant. Originally a wildflower listed by the Lewis and Clark expedition, 1804-1806, and named after Clark. It's a lovely addition to a garden. Full sun or partial shade; plant height 24in.
#107   Packet   $8.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-107    Bulk seed    4oz  $32.59
#B1-107    Bulk seed    1lb  $64.95

Mountain Garland Clarkia unguiculata Godetia Annual flower  Mountain Garland - Clarkia unguiculata - Annual;  Spikes of pastel blooms on purple stems.  Bloom colors are shades of pink, salmon, white, and purple.  Prefers well drained soil.  Full sun; height: 2-3ft.  Seeding rate: 2lbs per acre
#2502   Packet   $8.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-2502    Bulk seed    4oz $32.59
#B1-2502    Bulk seed    1lb  $64.95

Godetia, Satin Mix - Clarkia rubicunda - Annual -  An F1 Hybrid variety with a uniform compact dwarf habit.  Large 2 inch single blooms in shades of pink, rose, red and white, some bicolors.  Great for containers.  Blooms very early and uniformly.  Full sun to partial shade; plant height: 8in.
#1221    Packet    $5.50   Approximately 50 seeds


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