(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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All celosia varieties can be planted in the spring for summer flowers or in mid-summer to provide blooms throughout the fall until frost.


Amigo Celosia Celosia argentea Cristata   Amigo Mix - Celosia argentea Cristata - Annual;  Velvety ruffled blooms on vigorous plants reaching only 6 inches high.  Lovely blooms in shades of yellow, red and maroon on green or red foliage.  Quite a show and the blooms last all summer into the fall.  Full sun; plant height: 6in.
#380  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds
#P380  4 Plants   $13.50

Amish Cockscomb Celosia  Amish Cockscomb - Annual; Introduced to Europe in the 1570s.  Thought lost, but discovered in an Amish garden in Arthur, IL.  Red crests up to 10 inches across on green foliage.  Full sun; plant height: 12in.
#383  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 50 seeds

Bombay - Celosia argentea Cristata - Annual;  This is one of the finest celosias for use as a cut flower and is one of the earliest of the celosias.  Blooms are 4-6 incehs across and are tightly ruffled with a dark interior, light middle and dark edge to each bloom.  Colors are pink, maroon, purple, yellow and gold.  Full sun; plant height: 40-48in.      Packets   $3.50,  Approximately 20 seeds
#3510    Orange
#3511    Pink
#3512    Yellow
#3509    Dark Red

Chief Mix Celosia argentea Cristata  Chief Mix - Celosia argentea Cristata - Annual;  A good cut-flower variety, heads are 6-8 inches across on strong stems.  Colors are red, rose, gold, maroon with some bicolors.  Full sun; plant height: 40-48 inches.
#382  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

Cristata Colors - Annual;  Large flower heads make these good cutting varieties.  6-8in. heads and strong stems.   Packets contain approximately 100 seeds.  Full sun; height: 24"
#2565    Pink         Packet   $3.50
#2566    Yellow     Packet  $3.50
#2567    Scarlet     Packet  $3.50
#2568    Mix           Packet  $3.50

Flamingo Pink Celosia argentea SpicataFlamingo Purple Celosia argentea Spicata  Flamingo Series - Celosia argentea Spicata - Annual;  Feathery 5in plumes on 3ft stems.  Good cut flower.  Full sun; plant height: 36in.   $3.50 per Packet and each contains approximately 100 seeds
#384    Purple
#2851   Pink


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