(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Catalpa bignonioides Indian Bean Catawba tree seed
Indian Bean (Catawba tree, Caterpillar tree, Cigar Tree, Southern Catalpa) Catalpa bignonioides - Deciduous tree with large, heart shaped leaves and clusters of white blooms that mature into long seed pods.  Growth habit is tall and rounded.  It prefers a moist soil, but is very adaptable.  Good shade or specimen tree .  Plant in full sun or partial shade.  Hardy to -10F (-23.3C);  height: 40ft
#1723  Packet  $8.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#P1723  1 yr. seedling  $19.95, 
#P3-1723  (1 yr. seedlings)  Three trees for $33.95

Catalpa (Cigar Tree) - Catalpa speciosa - Fast growing shade tree with large white blooms in the spring.  Leaves are large ovals, up to a foot across.  Fruits hang in long pods, contributing to its many names: Indian bean, Cigar tree, etc.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C);  height: 60ft.
#1726  Packet  $13.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#P1726H   1 - 2 ft. tree    $34.95
#P5-1726H   (1 - 2 ft. trees)   Five trees for $50.95

Manchurian Catalpa - Catalpa bungei - Pretty specimen or shade tree with large heart-shaped leaves and white blooms.  Smaller than Catalpa bignonoides, this variety is a good choice for the smaller space.  Full sun or partial shade. Hardy to -10F (-23.3C);  height: 20ft
#1724  Packet  $8.50,  Approximately 50 seeds


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