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(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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carum carvi caraway seed herb Carum carvi Caraway plant seeds medicinal herb
Caraway - Carum carvi - Annual or Biennial; Culinary, Medicinal - Foliage is feathery and fine, resembling that of carrots. Pink or white flowers are borne on brackets and later mature into the crescent shaped seeds used to flavor ryebreads, buns & cakes. Roots can be cooked like parsnips and the seeds are used to flavor liqueurs, such as Kummel & schnapps. Medicinally, caraway is used as a digestive aid, to treat rheumatism, eye infections and toothache. Full sun; plant height: 24-36in.
#155 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 200 seeds
#Bz-155   Bulk seed   1oz  (Avg.20000 seeds/ounce)   $8.95
#B1lb-155W   Dried whole seeds (for herb use)  1lb     $18.99


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