(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Canna x generalis - Annual or Tender perennial;  These easy to grow dwarf cannas reach only 2-1/2ft. in height and spread to 18 inches, making them perfect for containers.  The double blooms are available in bright colors guaranteed to add a tropical touch to your summer landscape.  Full sun; plant height: 24-30 in.  Hardy to USDA Zone 7

Rosy Canna  Rosy  - Soft rosy pink double blooms
#2470   Packet  $16.50,  Approximately 20 seeds

Yellow Canna   Yellow - Double sunshine yellow blooms
#2472   Packet  $16.50,  Approximately 20 seeds

Large mix Canna x generalis  Large Mix - Canna x generalis - Tall, large flowered varieties in a mix of reds, roses and pinks.  Great for borders or backdrops.
#1363   Packet  $8.95,  Approximately 30 seeds


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