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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Calibrachoa (syn. Petunia) Million Bells

Closely related to, but not Petunias, Calibrachoa is a member of the family Solanaceae, native to South America.  The plants are compact and produce trailing stems covered with tiny petunia like blooms.  They make an excellent choice for containers, baskets, or as ground cover for small spaces and thrive in hot weather with adequate water.

Calibrachoa is easily grown in rich moist, but well-drained soils in full sun where they bloom freely.  The plants will tolerate some shade, but low light limits the number of blooms. They also tolerate drought.  Plants produce few seeds and so are usually propagated by means of cuttings, although seed is easily propagated.    To sow seed, sow in a sterile medium (1 part sphagnum peat to 1 part sand works well).  Sow the seed on the surface, then press lightly into the soil.  Keep the soil moist and at 70-75F.  Transplant when the seedlings are 2inches in height.  For cuttings: take 2-3 inch cuttings from branch ends.  Sink the ends in a sand/peat mix kept moist.  Transplant when roots form. 

Hardy to 55F (-12.78C)    Height: 12 inches     Spread:: 14 inches

Kaboom Series - Calibrachoa infundibuliformis - This is what we've been waiting for - the  first Calibrachoa running true from seed.  Bursting with bright colors, just one of these beautiful plants will fill a 5 inch pot or basketEconomical and more flexible than vegetative propagation. 

#9599   Kaboom Deep Blue   Packet  $15.00   Approximately 75 seeds
#9600   Kaboom Deep Pink    Packet $15.00  Aproximately 75 seeds  
#9601  Kaboom  Mix     Packet  $15.00  Approximately 75 seeds
#9602   Kaboom Red   Packet $15.00  Approximately 75 seeds
#9603    Kaboom White     Packet  $15.00   Approximately 75 seeds
#9604   Kaboom Yellow    Packet $15.00   Approximately 75 seeds


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