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Fagopyrum esculentum
SEED SPECS:  Average 20000 seeds per pound

Buckwheat Beechwheat French Wheat Saracen Corn Boekweit   (Beechwheat, French Wheat, Saracen Corn, Boekweit, Grechka)  Completely different from other grains, buckwheat is not a grass, but an annual branched plant with arrow shaped leaves and white blooms that mature into pointed seeds, which are ground into flour.  The leaves are eaten raw or cooked and are rich in rutin.  Seeds can also be eaten raw or cooked or used as an ingredient in beer, lending a slightly nutty flavor.  Used medicinally, buckwheat has been used to treat circulatory problems, high blood pressure, gout, and radiation sickness.  High in vitamin B6, it is usually stored in the dark to keep from losing this value.  An excellent green manure.  Full sun.
#1149   Packet  $3.50   Approximately 200 seeds
#B1-1149   Bulk Seed    1 lb.   $6.99
#B5-1149   Bulk Seed    5 lbs.   $19.95
#B1lb-1149CS     Buckwheat bran (hulls)    1lb     $16.00


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