(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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 Astilbes are one of the best low-light perennials available.  They possess bright colorful spikes rising above green foliage in a variety of patterns and present a truly spectacular show when planted in groups.  They require a rich, moist well drained soil in light shade or filtered sun and most will not do well in dry ground or clay soils.  They are commonly divided into five types:  Simplicifolia with lobed leaves and open spikes of tiny star-shaped blooms, follwed by decorative seed heads.  These grow slower than other varieties and require about 3 years to reach full maturity.  Arendsii are made up of hybrid crosses produced by George Arends.  These are the most common varieties found in the US.   Chinensis varieties bloom a bit later, have deeply feathered foliage and are realtively drought tolerant.  This group contains many low growing types that make excellent ground covers.   Japonica bloom early and have glossy green leaves tinged with red.  The blooms of this type are produced in tight triangular clusters.   Thunbergii are a group of hybrid types that bloom late and have open bloom clusters.  All are hardy to -30F (-34.4C).

Augustluchten (August Light) - Astilbe arendsii - A late blooming vareity with bright red plumes and new leaves tinted with red.  Height: 28in.
#P3423      Plant    $19.99

Ellie - Astilbe japonica - Snowy white plumes are large and airy.  Height: 30in.
#P3426      Plant    $19.99

Maggie Daley - Astilbe chinensis - Large densely blooming plumes are lavender - purple.  Height: 28in.
#P3424      Plant    $19.99

Pink Lightning - Astilbe simplicifolia - Large flower spikes are light pink in color and very full and open.  Foliage has darker markings. Height: 18in.
#P3427      Plant    $29.99

Astilbe chinensis Pumila dwarf perennial flower  Pumila - Astilbe chinensis - Low growing dwarf type that makes an excellent ground cover, forming a carpet of foliage that, in spring, is topped with spikes of lilac pink plumes.  Height: 10in.
#3821  Seed packet  Approximately 50 seeds  $3.50
#P3821      Plant    $19.99

Sprite -  Astilbe simplicifolia - A dwarf variety with shell pink flowers on drooping petals.  Leaves begin bronze and turn a dark green.  1994 Perennial Plant Association plant of the year.  Height: 15in.
#P3429      Plant    $29.99

Veronica Klose - Astilbe chinensis - Blooms are dark purple-rose and have an open growth habit.  Low growing variety.  Coarse green leaves.  Height: 16in.
#P3425      Plant    $29.99

Weisse Gloria (White Gloria) Astilbe arendsii - The best of the white astilbes with densely blooming pyramidal shaped plumes and shiny dark green foliage.  Height: 28in.
#P3428      Plant    $29.99


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