(Common Corn Cockle) Annual flowering plants, members of the family Caryophyllaceae and native to the eastern Mediterranean, though its native habitat is shrinking. Plants have long wiry stems and silky-haried leaves and rosy purple blooms. They make lovely border or bedding plants and make a good show in mass plantings or wild gardens. Also, the make excellent cut flowers.

Propagation is by sowing seed in spring. For transplants, sow seed in pots or trays. Keep moist at 70F. Transplant when seedlings are 2" tall. Space 12-36" apart each way. For direct sowing, prepare the area with fine soil and sow seed in rows, 12-18", planting 2 seeds ever 6". Thin seedlings to 1 every 12-24". A second direct method for wild gardens is to prepare an area with fine soil, broadcast seeds and rake lightly into the soil. Keep moist until seedings emerge.

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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Pink Pearls Agrostemma Caryophullacaea githago  Pink Pearls - Caryophullacaea githago - Annual; Rosy pink blooms with grey-green leaves.  Excellent cut flower.  Full sun; height: 30in.
#4276   Packet  $7.50  Approximately 100 seeds

Purple Queen Agrostemma Caryophullacaea githago  Purple Queen - Caryophullacaea githago - Annual; Tall branched growth habit with long narrow foliage.  Blooms resemble hardy garden phlox, rose -purple with white speckles.  Makes a lovely and long-lasting cut flower.  Full sun; height:36in.
#2525  Packet  $3.50  Approximately 100 seeds

White Pearl - Caryophullacaea githago - Annual; Wonderful cut flower or moon garden flower with tall branched growth habit and narrow grey-green foliage.  Blooms are snowy white with light black veins in the center of each bloom.Full sun; height:36in.
#2526  Packet  $7.50  Approximately 100 seeds


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