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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Acinos alpinus perennial flower  Acinos alpinus - Perennial - Beautiful walk on plant with deep violet red blooms. Forms a cushiony low growing plant perfect for rock gardens or hillsides. Height: 6 inches Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)
#5452   Packet   $4.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#Bm-5452   Bulk seed, 1,000 seeds   $33.00  

Acinos alpinus (Syn. Calamintha alpina, Thymus alpinus,Satuerja alpina, Satureja orontia,Clinopodium alpinum), or Rock Thyme (or Mountain Calamint) is a herbaceous perennial member of the family Laniaceae and is native to the alpine regions of southern Europe. The plants are low and close growing, forming a carpet.  Plants have woody, slightly hairy stems topped with whorled blooms that can range in color from lavender-blue to bright magenta-pink. The hermaphroditic blooms attract bees and butterflies and are excellent for containers.  The plants are drought tolerant, preferring well drained soil, and are ideal for rock gardens.  Plants reach a height of 4-6 inches and spread to 12 inches. 

The leaves are often used to concoct a tea substitute and as a flavoring in cooked foods. Medicinally, the plants have been used as a febrifuge(fever reducer).

Acinos is easily propagated by sowing seeds or by divisionFOR TRANSPLANTS:  Sow seed in pots or trays.  Keep moist at 65-70F.  Transplant seedlings when they reach 2 inches tall to larger containers or outdoors if all danger of frost has passed.  Space seedlings 9-12 inches apart each way. 

SEED SPECS:  Approximately 10,000 per ounce

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