Winchester, Indiana and East Central Indiana tourist attractions and traveler accommodations


Winchester, Indiana

Things to see and do around Winchester (and distance from Rich Farm Garden Supply)
First Explore true Variety in plant life at Rich Farm Garden and one of the largest seed selections in the country.  Also on the farm is an old Barn that was built out of oak (some beams as long as 50 ft.) with amenities that were built in to this barn in 1905 that were state of the art and the farm was awarded status of:  "The most modern farm in Indiana".  Now, depending on the time of your visit, you may be able to see little chicks and ducklings, pet the rabbits, chase the blue turkeys, and meet a low-line angus that is full grown at only 38 inches tall, or Ms. M the friendly organic milk cow.


House of Flavors
House of Flavors
Many Ice Cream Flavors or grap a quick Cappucino


Ice Cream Shop
1/4 mile east
Randolph County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Roam Randolph County
1 mile east
Town Square
Randolph county Court House
Restaurants, Theatre, Shops, and beginning Memorial Day Weekend from 8am to noon each Saturday there is a Farmer's Market around the Court House. The Blooming Kwanzan Cherry Tree on the corner was supplied to the city by Rich Farm Garden Supply. You can order these in our store, or online at our Cherry Tree Page


1 mile east
Historical Society Museum
Museum in Winchester Indiana
Indian mounds at Winchester Indiana
Great museum with exhibits covering the area's history from the Woodland indian period to present. Including many artifacts and tools that were found at the site of the Adena/Hopewell village at the junction of the White river and Sugar creek adjacent to our farm. Earthen mounds 8 to 10 feet high surrounded this 31 acre site.
MUSEUM is 1 mile east

Location of SW corner of mounds is only 300 yards from where our barn is now. Mounds are no longer there. This drawing was made in 1848.

Winchester Guest House Inn
Winchester Guest House Inn

Bed and Breakfast resort with luxury accommodations for your group.

2 miles east
Mrs. Wicks Pies
Mrs Wicks Pies

Full service Restaurant and the pie Outlet Store. This is where you can eat your pie and carry out all of the good stuff too! This is the most popular second stop for those of our customers who have traveled the farthest.

2 miles east
The Winchester Speedway
Worlds fastest 1/2 mile race track

Winchester Speedway is a half-mile paved steep-bank oval motor racetrack known as the "World's Fastest 1/2 mile" Currently home to the "Winchester 400" and other racing events. In it's history racing events have included NASCAR, USAC, and we had one customer in our store who remembered racing her motorcycle there in 1916. Winchester has been a hot spot for racing even back to the 1800's when an oval race track went around the site of the town of Woodland era Adenas and gave a 1300 feet by 1000 feet oval track observed by 19th century spectators who were seated on the earthwork mounds that had been built around 200 BC by those ancient people.
2 miles west
Pizza Hut / Wing Street  RESTAURANT
3 miles east
Fast Food Strip 
McDonalds, Burger King, Arbys, Subway 
3 miles east
Randolph Inn and Suites
3 miles east
Golden Rule Campground
2 miles northwest
Coin & Bullion Dealer. Another popular destination for travelers to Winchester.

4 miles northeast

Circle X Ranch
Open to public at special events: 
Rodeo, Mud racing, Cowboy shooting, Flea mkt

4 miles north
Airline Drive-In Theatre
who do you know has not been to a drive-in?
4 miles east
The town of Farmland Indiana
Historic buildings, Craft shops, Community concerts
8 miles west
Kamp Modoc
Kamp Modoc

Great Water Park & Family Camping & outdoor fun!
17 miles southwest
Wilbur Wright Birthplace
Aviation museum & Wright Home
19 miles southwest

Earlham College
Quaker college has small but Great Natural History Museum 
Egyptian mummy, mastodon skeleton, more

27 miles south

Fort Recovery park
Fort Recovery on the Greenville Treaty Line
Woodland period stone tool
More Woodland era artifacts such as this gorgett can be viewed at the Fort Recovery Museum. The fort was built on the Greenville Treaty line which marked the indian territory boundary in 1795. This ground that our barn is on now, was on the indian side of the 1795 treaty line and when the line moved in 1809, called the 12 Mile Purchase, this spot became U.S. territory. The westward migration of U.S. & foreign peoples mostly went around this area by Ohio river or Great lakes for many years. Some say that an earthquake had caused a 50 mile wide swath of fallen timbers which hindered road building through here; but the very existence of this fort proves there was way more going on.

30 miles northeast
Mounds State Park
Mounds State Park

The site of another of the Adena - Hopewell villages that were along the White river during the Woodland period. Now a 290 acre state park. The Adena and Hopewell peoples helped bring major advancements to agriculture in our area and we now have many varieties of corn, beans, & squash. You can also order from Rich Farm Garden the Woodland Black Cap™   which is sourced near the White river and Sugar creek junction.

37 miles west


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